great source for seed baggies

ishareflowersFebruary 27, 2009

I was having a hard time finding the 2x3 plastic seed baggies at walmart lately so I was searching for a place to buy some and came across this site

I placed my order on wednesday and had my new colored seed baggies on thursday. The shipping was free!

I got 5000 seed baggies in various colors and sizes for 8.95 per thousand, that's cheaper than walmart!

Just thought I would share it with anyone who is looking for seed bags.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

That is a great site and prices. I don't see 2X 3 colored ones but find that 2X2 is big enough for most seeds anyway. Maybe I am missing something though. Minimum order is $25, but buying them locally if they can be found, sure adds up to a lot higher cost per bag. Due to limiting my driving and not getting out much, it is really nice when things are delivered to my mailbox, or my back door.

Thanks for sharing with us well as upcoming collectors and addicts.

2X2 colored $8.85 per 1000

2X2 clear $6.75 per 1000

2X3 clear $8.25 per 1000

For a little more, they have some cute whimsical bags too.


Here is a link that might be useful: Fetpack homepage

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Lisa ~ that's great! I, too always used to purchase mine from Walmart. Thanks for the tip I'll check it out. :)


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I didn't get colored 2x3 sized, I got 2x2 and a couple of smaller ones. I always felt like the 2x3 were too big but that's all I could get.

I also got a pack of the 2x2 with what they call green leaves on them, they are really cute BUT my son came in and said MAAAAAAA.....what are you doing with bags that have pot leaves on them!!!! I just laughed ans asked,how do you know what a pot leaf looks like? Do I have to say that he laughed and headed for his room.

I got green,yellow,blue,clear and the POT leaved ones. I got a total of 5000 bags for 43.00. It would have cost me 52.49 for them at walmart and they would have been all clear and the 2x3 size.

I'm hoping to have lots of seeds to share next year and figured just pop for the envies now and get it over with.

I'm glad that you found the info helpful.


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Just curious as to what you are going to do with the pot leaf ones, lmbo!!!! Too funny!

Just imagine, Lisa is driving to the post office with bubble envies all stuffed with "seeds", in little pot leaf bags, and she just happens to get pulled over for speeding, or just a general traffic stop, and the nice police officer asked what she has in those stuffed little envelopes. She has to pull them out, all the while trying to explain that she is a gardener, of FLOWERS! and she shares seeds with other gardens of FLOWERS! through a website, ...........

3 hours later, here sits Lisa in her own little cell while the DEA is inspecting the "seeds". Police officers surfing GW, and her husband and son waiting in the lobby to bail out mom who got busted!.......

It it was me, that would just be my luck!


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paradisa(Zone 5 NY Adirondacks)

I just got 2 x 3 zip bags ,clear, 2 mil. for $5.00 for 1000.
Thought that was pretty good,too. They have all sizes and thicknesses. They also have 2x2 resealable plastic envies that I got in pink for my personal seed stash. They were a bit more. I usually order my envelopes for my handstamped cards from this website. It is

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I looked at that site and didn't see any for $5 for 1000 bags but I also don't care for the 2m, I rip them trying to open them. I didn't notice a shipping cost either?


Funny that you would think that, that's exactly what I said to my husband. I'll end up getting pulled over and have seeds in my pocket to share and be arrested for the "pot" seeds.
I work in a retail store in the garden section and talk with a lot of people everyday. I usually have a few seed packets in my pocketbook just in case someone is curious about the whole wsing thing.

It certainly would be a funny story....after the cuffs came off!


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I just went back and looked at again, out of curiousity. I saw where the bags would be $5 for 1000 and did an estimate on the shipping for ups next day and it was $36 and change. Holy smokes!!! I can't imagine that you paid that!

My order with had to be apple brand bags and over $25 but the shipping was free, I had them the next day and they are 3m.

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Hi Lisa, and paradisa,and sue,an barefoot, I have always ordered from fetpak, I used to sell jewelry and that's when i got into little baggies too,,great for storing all my beads in too,,
But most of the time my dad lives in florida goes to the swap meet for me they are 1.00 per 100, or better if you get the case of 1000. but that;s great for every one to know where it's good prices, thank you all,,you are all doing so good, happy gardening, Lisa

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Thanks for the Fetpak link. I had some little organza bags with drawstrings that I used for putting over flower heads, especially on my hardy geraniums, to help collect seeds. I hadn't been able to find a source for those, I was thrilled to see that they had some. I only have a few, and really wanted more.

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stage_rat(5--Indiana Riviera)

Those are both great links! I prefer the 2 x 3 baggies, if only to have room to put in a label with some collection info on it. I'm pretty sure the 2-mil bags are what I buy at local stores, so I looked at those at both stores. shipping prices went down as the order got bigger, maybe they have a small order surcharge like Fetco, but don't announce it. If I order 10,000 bags (which in a store would be $100 plus tax, and I'm sure the store would not have that many in stock) it's $60.00 by UPS ground

Fetco: 10,000 bags are $66.00, which includes shipping. There is a $7 surcharge if the order is under $100, I think it's in the $66 price, but I'm not sure as I didn't actually buy bags.

I'm quite tempted to go ahead and buy a ton of bags, as 60-66 cents per 100-pack is quite a bargain! It would take me a loooong time to use them all, though (or so I hope!)

Anyone in the Chicago area want to split an order? We could divide them up at the Skokie plant swap! :)

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