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kbard(6b PA)September 3, 2012

I would like to plant something, probably evergreen, in this spot next to my front door to cover this ugly box. I am thinking some evergreen in a pot that can be moved when the box needs to be looked at. To the top of all that stuff it is 6' and another 1.5 feet to the soffit above. From the wood beam that lines the walkway to the 90 degree angle corner is about 3.5 feet. This is shaded he first half of the day and the gets good sun after about 2 pm I think. Any suggestions? I don't want something too messy and would really prefer something that can provide blocking effect all year round. Thanks!!

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I think your idea is PERFECT! Anything else would drop its leaves, leaving that exposed from fall till next spring. If I had a spot like that, I would put an ever green that can cover that year round and one that has a cool shape or color.


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Have you checked with the utility company to see if there are regulations/restrictions for planting there? Meters are sometimes viewed from a distance with binoculars and you may have to leave it at least partially exposed.

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kbard(6b PA)

I have not checked. My house is not very visible from the street, it is about 80-100 yards in down a long driveway. And even if it were, the view seen here in my picture not actually visible from the front of the house. I took this pic from inside the front door.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

i like the idea of an Evergreen.

Great suggestion Mike!!

It would look beautiful in that corner..

: )

Take care,


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My power company views at least 3 meters from my back yard. the reader looks thru a fence to get one and a hedge to get another.

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nil13(z21 L.A., CA (Mt. Washington))

That looks like a new digital meter. Those are RF meters that can be read on a handheld device from the street. No need for a person to actually walk up and look at it.

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It would be disappointing to plant something and then have to move it later, or be told not to block the meter in the first place. That was the only point I was trying to make.

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kbard(6b PA)

Hmm. I appreciate everyone's concern.This is why I mentioned a moveable pot to begin with. No plant suggestions? Maybe I'll just put a pot with a freestanding trellis so it's light. Or should I post on evergreens ?

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Yea kbarb. Considering this is a container forum.....:)

I will actually add something useful ;)
Try a Dwarf Japanese Maple in a huge plastic that looks like terracotta container. Dont ever use terracotta- they break easy, they are too expensive, and you cant really clean them. They hold no advantages if you know how to water right.

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I think it is very good idea to put a container there; as for a what to plant - evergreen may be best since you'll have color year round. It also depends on how much space there is. From your photo it doesn't look like it's a large area, so some nice upright evergreen may be the best.
'Thuja occidentalis' (emerald cedar) grows abt. 3' wide, can be very easily pruned to keep shape you want; skyrocket juniper & boxwood are evergreen & can be kept 'in line'.

I would plant any of these in nice wood box & make sure it could be moved if necessary. You can dress it up by planting some bulbs around the tree too...
Japanese maple will loose foliage in winter, and may be too large for the space.
Just my opinion...Rina

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Rina very true!

Even a Dwarf japanese maple would end up out growing that spot.

Good idea on the evergreen. I would really like to try growing ever greens in containers.

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