Has anyone seen or heard from medontdo lately?

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)February 26, 2011

She has been missing in action here for quite some time. Is anyone in touch with her on a fairly regular basis?

I just now dropped her an email, and am anxiously awaiting a reply, hopefully that all is well with her and her loved ones. I see her Member Page email link has disappeared, probably as a result of the GW problems a short while ago when so many lost their email links.

Medontdo, please report in!

If anyone knows her whereabouts, please report in, without sharing tmi (too much info), iykwim (if you know what I mean.)

Hope all is well! I miss seeing you and your jovial posts.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I don't imagine she would mind me sharing her email of what she has been up to.

Here it is...

"we are fine, LOL
yes, been crazy busy here, as usual LOL my 2 are growing like crazy!! LOL i started winter sowing late, so i "winter sowing" them in the house!! it started out as an accident! Imagine that!! LOL and i have some tomato sprouts and a bell pepper sprout so far! LOL boy am i late this year!! LOL
still home schooling the kids, and we got a new puppy, she's a yorkie, she won't get any bigger than 4 lbs. funny thing about that, we have a samoyed husky, a chihuahua (we rescued from a puppy mill) and now her, all different sizes!@! LOL and they all 3 play together well. **big smile**
How has this winter been treating you? i hope well!! **big smile** has spring shown any signs of showing up in your neck of the woods?? i sure hope so :') it sure was nice to hear from you, that's for sure!! **big smile** i'll have to check in at the conversation side sometime. once in a great while i do LOL and sometimes just as a lurker LOL seeing if there's anything new going on. LOL Hugz ~medo"

Hopefully she can and will check in here herself sometime a little later. I can't imagine her being a lurker and not posting. She is usually pretty wordy and adds a lot here, always in a nice way.


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Hey everyone!! **big smile**
how are ya'll doing??
I hope that winter is treating ya'll well!! LOL It's been spring one week here, then the next week winter, like that for the last month! LOL so we are SOOO ready for spring to stay!! LOL this past month i have aged alot!! LOL my son turned 15 and got his driving permit!! i had grey hair, now i'm sur i have white hairs!! LOL And Talla has gotten much taller, she is to my chin now! LOL she is only 8 though!! LOL
she has decided to make her fairy garden bigger this year, LOL imagine that! LOL and this year she learned all about how seeds grow, from the roots, how they need the light and all that stuff. she had fun with that. :') Tues we are supposed to have warmer temps!! we are looking forward to that, then when the ground dries out we can till and start to get some things planted!! WOOO HOOO!!! we are all excited about that!! LOL i hope ya'll had an exciting winter!! **big smile** Hugs ~medo

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Glad to see you back in here Medo--glad I decided to check in and thank you Sue for posting.
Always good to see you and am finding out few new things,
you too Sue, good to see you..even if waking up, smile, hope we stay in touch and spring comes your way soon.


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