Sick of Snow

karyn1(7a)February 11, 2010

I know this is a bit OT but I'm so freaking sick of the snow. It was kind of cool for a day or two because I'd never seen so much snow but after the second storm we have almost 5' in most places and drifts way higher then that. I'm trapped inside and bored to tears! The kids shoveled a path for our poor dog. She loves the snow but this was a bit too much for her. My indoor cat was looking out a sliding glass door wondering where the cold white wall came from. lol We usually get about a foot of snow the entire winter. Some years we don't get any. This definitely made up for all those snow free years! I have been starting trays of seeds and potting up cuttings but am running out of space. There's only so much I can do with the plants and I don't want to keep opening the greenhouse door because it's so cold out and I'm already having a problem keeping it warm at night.

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Can I ship my girls to your house??? I'm tired of the phrase "We're bored!" The earth moving machines came by around 7pm last night and put all the snow that was by the curb and in the street on top of the grassy strip, then half of the hugmongeous pile rolled over onto the little sidewalk path - so now there's nowhere to walk without going in the street! I am definitely ready for school to be back in session and for some color other than white in my landscape. On a good note, at least we didn't lose power yesterday, but today who knows! Cheers, Ann

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Karyn, I am about fed up with snow too! My little patch has not had more than 3 or 4 inches of snow a year for more than a decade. We are up to 30 inches total this year and more is forecast for early next week.
And then there is the cold! I am used to several nights of low teens each year, but we have had a months worth of very low temps and counting.
I have not even opened the bedding plant greenhouse and I usually have it up and running just after Christmas each year. I have had problems with the heating system and I am afraid to chance it.

Okay. Enough bi*c*ing. I have to go now and break the ice in the chicken coop again so the girls can drink.

Hurry Spring!!!!!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Not much to add other than to suggest baking a cake (or two), cookies, fudge, or some home made yeast cinnamon rolls....all good comfort foods.

I'd like to make some rolls today myself, but should be and need to be painting instead.


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I've been baking like crazy. Made a carrot cake at 4 am and even made eggs benedict for breakfast. Yummy!

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I really like carrot cake. That might be what I bake this weekend.
I baked Wedding Cookies last night and made a huge pot of vegetable soup. I hope I don't have to buy bigger jeans before this winter is over!

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I know what you mean. I think I've eaten more this week then I've eaten in the past 3 weeks! That wouldn't be so bad if I'd get on the stair climber, treadmill or one of the other pieces of exercise equipment but they've all been turned into drying racks for clothing that can't go in the dryer and I can't get to the pool. lol

Thankfully the sun was out yesterday and the snow compressed quite a bit. Most of the roads have also had at least one lane cleared so I can get out today. I'm out of here as soon as the mall opens. I'll bet it will be packed with everyone else who has been housebound and needs to get out. Schools are still closed. The kids were already scheduled to be off next Mon for President's Day so Tues should be their first day back since last Fri. The scary thing is that more snow is forecast for Monday!!!!

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Wow, what a flood of snow you are all in, sympathize with you, it's terrible, although kids, like my it! He woke his parents up early yesterday shouting IT IS SNOWING! lol
Still snowing in Ft Worth TX, guess 6 inches by now. Down here near New Orleans we've had rain and near freezing, even if'd snow it'd melt, unless it keeps snowing, last time it did was Dec 08, before that Dec 25-04, after 12 years, so it seems we'll be getting more snows, record breaking weather all over the world too.
Thankfully you have power, being without it for days or weeks in heat and humidity isn't picnic either. Many are without power because of snow too, hope it all improves soon.
Be careful...and also- watch that white sugar when bored, choose some healthy snacks.

Have patience ... sun always wins.


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Hi All,
It's snowing again here in Erie, PA. We get these lovely "Lake effect" storms that dump a foot of snow on us in one day.
My husband just got out of the hospital, so the snow blower and I have become very close friends.
Keep warm!!

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Tell your kids, as I will be telling mine, no wearing the pj's inside out tonight - we do not need any more snow!!! I am looking forward to some color other than white when I look out my windows.

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Ann I was so happy that yesterday's snow didn't amount to anything. The kids have already had 9 snow days and the MCPS only allows 5. Are the private schools the same? I know that the BOE is trying to get an exemption to the 180 required school days. We already have plans for the summer and I don't want the school year extended.

What is going to be a real problem beginning this morning is rush hour. The DOT is saying to expect commutes to be 3 or 4 times longer then usual. Considering that this area has the second worst rush hour in the nation during good conditions traffic is going to be a bi*ch! I'm so glad that I don't work anymore. My commute when I worked 10 years ago was an hour each way from here to 19th & K St even though it was only a 20 minute drive during the non rush hour. I'd be freaking out. BTW my street was finally plowed on Sat! Come on Spring!!!!!!!!!

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Its been snowing non stop here. They said light snow showers tonight, more like light rain! I was just out hopin to go to the store. ended up turning around n comming home. The roads are soild ICE! Id rather have snow :( and i cant belive i really said that LOL
32 more days till Spring!!

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The catholic school I work for has added two days, or should I say taken two days away from Spring vacation...not happy but at least we still get time. No idea what MOCO will do about all the days they've missed. At least the kids were glad to get back to school for once.

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were back to the snow! there are some schools here talking about having school on saturdays to make up the snowdays.My kids school was closed again today. they might not have much of a summer vacation if this keeps up. they already took days from their spring/Easter vacation, they only get one day off! and are now taking their summer.:(

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