hi all i am back

pumkingal(5)February 23, 2009

I will try to do what sue said by chaning the post

Thank you all for the secret santa cards you all rock, made my christmas grand,,

I will see if this goes threw, have tryed an tryed

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Punk!

Welcome Back!

I saw in the other thread where you had been having problems posting and sure don't know what that is all about. When I said change the post, I was referring to one having problems posting a second time within a thread. Often the GW system will reject the second message in the same thread particularly if one tries to make the second reply just minutes after the previous one. If one gets the rejected message that one already has a message then all you have to do is change the Subject of posting line within 'that' thread.

I 'think' the system often rejects the second message so that folks will not accidentally post the exact same message twice, though I do occasionally see that that happens anyway.

Were you maybe not able to post at all?


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paradisa(Zone 5 NY Adirondacks)

Hi! Garden Buddy! Glad to see you are posting!!! I still have to disable my firewall to do so. I hate to do it but I have to post!!!!


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Oh thank you both, by the way Sue paradisa is my new newbie, she will just be wonderful, and we have great conversations too, aren't garden buddies just the best, oh and paradisa, sue takes care of all of us here, she was my first big trade, sue I seen the other post where you were askin the virgins hehe who was their first trad, you were mine, I owe every thing I know to you, and now to my newbies, thanks blushing

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welcome back pumpkingal!
i havent been on much. springs getting close though.

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Lisa when I got your package today ,I started to tear up before I even opened it up !I have spent the evening organizing,cataloging and playing with all my seeds ! I have never known anyone to be so generous ! WOW ! All the way from NY to Montana! Thank you cannot even begin to tell you how very much I appreciate you !

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