Burpee packs in stores, better seed numbers than in catalog

littleonefb(zone 5, MA)February 17, 2009

What's up with Burpee? Never mind that the seed packet prices are much higher from the catalog and shipping is high as well, but why pray tell are there more seeds in the packets when you buy them in the store than when you purchase them through the catalog, either the print one or on line.


The local K-mart has all seeds 40% off the print package price on the packets. They sell Burpee and Martha Stewart seed packets

The True Value had all Burpee seed packets 40% off the print price this month

All seed packets are Burpee from either K-mart or True Value


packet price $1.99. 40% off price $1.19

Number of seeds 140

Catalog price $3.75

number of seeds 100


packet pice $1.99 40% off $1.19

number of seeds 115 one packet, 118 other packet

catalog price $2.95

number of seeds 50


packet price !.99 40% off $1.19

number of seeds 80

catalog price $2.95

number of seeds 50


packet price $1.99 40% off $1.19

number of seeds 38, 36, 39 3 packets purchased

catalog price $2.95

number of seeds 50

This one had fewer seeds but the cost of 2 packets at 40$ off gave you more seeds than the packet from the catalog and still less money


packet price $1.99 40% off $1.19

number of seeds 75

catolog price $2.95 and $7.50

number of 50 for $2.95, 375 for $7.50


packet price $1.99 40% off $1.19

number of seeds 130

catalog price $2.95, $7.50

number of seeds 50 for $2.95, 375 for $7.50


packet price $1.99 40% off $1.19

number of seeds 73

catalog price $2.95

number of seeds 30


packet price $1.79 40% off $1.07

number of seeds 1 tablespoon, sure much more than 750 seeds, too small to count.

catalog price $2.95

number of seeds 750


packet price $1.79 40% off $1.07

number of seeds 240

catalog price $2.95

number of seeds 225


packet price $1.79 40% off $1.07

number of seeds 190

catalog price closest kind was supersteak $2.95, $7.95

number of seeds 30 for $2.95, 125 for $7.95


packet price $1.99 40% off $1.19

number of seeds 25

catalog price $2.95

number of seeds 20

Also purchased 2 packets of seeds not in the catalog

Morning glory flying saucer

packet price !.99 40% off $1.19

number of seeds 75

catalog prices are either $2.95 or $3.75

number of seeds either 35 or 50

Nasturtium peaches n cream

packet price $1.99 40% off $1.19

number of seeds 60 seeds

catalog prices for nasturtium $2.95-$3.75

number of seeds 30-50

Selection in stores is not nearly the size as in the catalog, on the other hand, thee are seed selections that are not in the catalog as well.

Why in the world would they put their packets out in the stores for far less than in the catalog, give you way more seeds in the packets, and package seeds for the stores that they don't carry in the catalog?

Still trying to figure this out and have been for quite a few years.


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sred98(z7 OK)

OMG! Thanks for posting this! Definitely good to know. That is just insane!


P.S.-I had no idea Martha Stewart had a seed collection line?? I am going to have to Google this! Are they any good?

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)


I've only seen Martha Stuart seeds in K-mart.

Interestingly enough, I've looked on her website and she suggests 2 sources of seed catalogs to buy from and doesn't mention her own brand of seeds in Kmart when I have done searches on her website.

She has a good selection of seeds and ones that aren't available on the racks of other seed brands.

I've had excellent germination with her seeds as well.


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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

I used som of Miss Martha's seeds last year and really liked them. They germ. well and there were some diff. varietis to choose from as well. I am really curious, like you Fran as to why Burpee would do this. I wonderif the store front's require certain amounts of seed in the pkg's to compete with the other's?? I also wonder if maybe the pricing has to do with the large bulk order quantity purchased by someplace like lowes, walmart, kmart or other. I am guessing that plays into the pricing difference a little bit, but you would not think there would be that much of a diff. and thatmany more seeds. Maybe they figure that those who shop catalog are ordering everything where al many just pick up a few here and there at he stor and wouldnot pay attention. Just us SEED counters (kinda like bean counters, only we are much less stressed and productive). LOL Nichol

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They're being opportunistic and taking advantage of assumption that people are shopping online because they dont have time to get to the store or do not have a store nearby.

Internet shopping is almost NEVER cheaper than real shopping.


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token28001(zone7b NC)

Shipping costs. Fewer seeds keep their weight down while they can charge you more. It's the only thing I can come up with. In the stores, the shipping is handled by the store and by you.

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Are you buying the catalog seeds too and counting them? Or just doing a comparison of what the catalog says?
Seeds have to be labeled with a minimum amount(by seed or weight.) That amount needs to be in the package legally. There could be more than the package states. Like Sand Hill Preservation(not that Burpee is Sand Hill, lol) pkgs. say minimum 25 seeds, but normally have a lot more than 25.

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alwaysagarden(CA 9b)

I've seen a huge variety of Burpee seeds available at Walmart for the same 40% less prices. I'd probably end up buying about 30 packets if I could afford it... but unfortunately my $ is REALLY tight so couldn't even buy one packet at those great prices. Just stood there staring and drooling. : (
Thank goodness for GW and Round Robins, or I would have very few seeds to plant in my garden this year!


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THis is the reason I stopped ordering from the burpee catalog! I really like to start my seeds in the fiber 4x6 pots burpee has and I use to order seeds when I ordered the pots. But the seeds seemed like a rip off when I could go to walmart or Lowes and get the burpee seeds cheaper. So now I dont order anything from them. :(

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