What are these growing in my pot? Cantaloupe? Squash?

Amethyst12(Texas Zone 7)September 20, 2012

Hello - I live in North Central Texas and this is my first year trying to grow anything. I am going with container growing, because although my Grandmother, sister and daughter have a natural green thumb I do not.

I planted late (first week of July, before I knew there were actual times to plant)and have these in a container? Can anyone tell me what they are? Cantaloupe, squash?

Also when does cantaloupe start to flower? I have a T5 grow light and plan on setting up a small greenhouse over the winter in our garage. I have more photos if needed. Thank you!

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At this stage, it's pretty much impossible to tell what it is.. all that can be said is that is probably a cucurbit, a large family that includes pumpkins, squash, zucchini, watermelon, canteloupe, honeydew, cucumbers, etc.

I hate to tell people they can't do things.. but in this I'll have to make an exception. Even in my zone 9a, it's just too late to plant these. No practical amount of growlights could ever provide enough light for a cucurbit, and if you managed to somehow keep them alive through the winter, they would almost certainly die when transplanted (they hate being transplanted, unless it's done when they're very young and with minimal root disturbance.

The only example I've of indoor grown cucumbers is when someone allowed the vine itself to wrap around the actual bulbs and casing of a fluorescent tube work light fixture (T8, with four tubes). Even then, he only got 4 cucumbers.

Plant these in the spring, after your "last frost date", or 1.5 to 2 weeks before in pots for transplanting.

Btw, there's really no such thing as a green thumb... learning and practice.

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