why are my tomato flowers closing?

CelbriseSeptember 11, 2012

one of the earlier flowers opened up and just recently it looks like it is closing off it's fully yellow but it looks like it's going to dry up and die.

why is that?

lately it has been raining constantly in my area and my containers have holes in them but i mean is the excess water the reason or what is actually causing it to do this?

i can only think of 3 reasons why my plant is doing this.

1. white fly aphids recently been attacking this plant and i have tried removing them.

2. soap and water mixture i sprayed the plant with due to the aphids. it was too strong and burned some of my plants leaves.

3. excess water.

any ideas what is causing it to close up? it is just 1 flower but i mean thats 1 less tomato and im worried the others might do the very same thing

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Insecticidal soap is well known to damage flowers such that don't develop into fruit. The damage to the leaves will also cause the plant to abort fruits it can't provide for.

High humidity (over 70%) and high temps (over 95F during the day and 70F at night) will shut down blossom set until conditions improve.

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Hmm probably is the soap as weather here isn't too hot nor tool cold

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Are you still wondering if your 50:50 dish soap to water application can cause plant damage?

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How long have they been open? They turn straw-colored and close up after they've been pollinated. Gently turn one up to see if there's a tiny tomato.

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