pearlgirlFebruary 10, 2009

I red'd orange seed pods from a friend that have lots

of seeds that resemble pepper seeds. They'll self sow

and her family calls them the "orange bush". Any ideas

of what this shrub/plant is? Send me an email if you do.



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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Margaret,

You might try asking over at the Name That Plant Forum making your Subject of Posting line something like Orange Bush?-that has orange seeds pods, and then describe the 'pepper' like seeds in the message. You might also mention what area of the country the seeds are from, if that is known for sure. Those folks are really good and I'd bet you will quickly have your answer. I think some 'regulars' over there, might be in a fun competition of sorts to be the first one to reply and get it right.

Might you be able to get pics of the pods?

I've posted pods and all the info I had and they have always been right on with helping me name things.


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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

Hi Margaret,

(I am one of those name that plant folks Sue talked about above. To bad we can't win money like the people on Jeopardy....)

Anyway, I think your plant may very well be Solanum diphyllum, two leaf nightshade. It is non-native, invasive plant in the South, that was originally planted by gardeners as an ornamental. It is related to tomatoes and peppers, and the seeds are spread by birds. -Take a look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Solanum diphyllum, two leaf nightshade

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Yes...gardners DO ROCK!! Thank you all. I'm sure that
it is the solanum...I'm one that has to know the name
of things :)
Sue, you're so right about those folk on Name That Plant Forum. Thanks you SusanC...

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