Cost of Foliage-Pro vs. Bag of Water Soluble

marc5(6aOH)September 8, 2013

I read many discussions here recommending Foliage-Pro as a fertilizer. While I have not used it, apparently it is a good 9-3-6 liquid. I would like to point out that by using a bag of water soluble fertilizer, you can lower your costs to less than a tenth of the cost of F-P.

Using Al's recommended rate of 1/4 teaspoon F-P in a gallon of water for each watering, this amounts to 30 ppm of N. At $42/gallon of F-P (current online price), this is 1.4 cents per gallon of mixed fertilizer.

If you purchase a 25 lb. bag of 24-8-16 (I use Plantex Foliage purchased at BFG) for $35, your cost per gallon at Al's rate is now .13 cents. While Plantex Foliage does not have Ca or Mg, many growers have plenty of these elements in their water supply.

Some growers may prefer pre-mixed fertilizer. I use a lot, and am willing to mix my own to save money.


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fireduck(10a) only mentioned Ca and Mg specifically. Does it have the other 7 or 8 minor elements (such as zinc, etc) that FP has?

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Plantex Foliage label:

It has all the micros as F-P except cobalt.

I am not affiliated with any products. Just trying to return the favor here and help others save money.


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Looks like you are trying to be very helpful..Thank you.

For me if any mix is cheaper at the expense of all the elements that Foliage Pro has, I would not use it...But thank you...


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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I'm not that worried about cost, but each of us has their own methods. I grow many acid loving plants and found the acidification of water with controlled amounts of fertilizer worked great for my cacti. I soon adjusted to all my plants. Results have been spectacular.
I use kelp to add the trace elements.
If you wish to learn more check the article out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ammonium Nitrogen and Acidic Water for Xerophytic Plant Growth

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Thank you for posting the link to the ammonium article. Might you be able to post a link to their other article relating to acidification? I could not find it online.

Thank you.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

The reason Foliage Pro is more expensive is largely because it doesn't contain urea as a source of N. Instead its N comes mostly from nitrate. Urea is cheap. About 60 percent of the nitrogen in Plantex comes from urea. The article Drew linked to explains that urea is not a good source of N in the absence of soil microorganisms, which are not often present in container growing.

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