Bugs on zucchini seedlings

keli1203(z5 IL)April 16, 2013

I started zucchini seeds in a self watering container about 3 weeks ago under a grow light in my basement. The plants are doing well and sprouted about 10 days ago. Tonight I noticed small reddish bugs on the leaves (about 8-10 per plant). I also have tomatoes and peppers growing, and the bugs don't seem to be on them. I've relocated the plants away from everything else on the porch (in a plastic greenhouse). Any idea what they might be and how to get rid of them?


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Keli, I'll guess that these are aphids just to give you something to look up but a picture would allow us to identify them for certain.

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keli1203(z5 IL)

This is not the best picture, but you can see the little bugs on the plant.


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Aphids. I have a heck of a time with them. They are a real nuisance. I blow them off with the hose and spray the plant with soapy water. If you only have a few this won't be a problem. You can smoosh them with your finger too. If you get a big infestation of them,( and you'll know, because it will look like growths everywhere, when it's actually just lots of bugs),they just keep coming back. So don't let them get established. I have never had them on squash before, but they frequently attack other things in my garden. I deal with them every year. Sometimes I see red ones, sometimes green. They are all annoying.

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