can you spray leaves (aphids)

CelbriseSeptember 13, 2012

im having a huge problem with my tomato plant it's dying due to aphids and it seems like it's affecting the flowers from not producing as they just open up and fall off. im not worried about the fruit im worried about the aphids.

so im keeping it simple used a water+oil+soap mixture. did this once and it burned my plant since i didn't dilute it enough this time i made sure i diluted it good enough.

anyways my spray bottle isn't fancy it's just one of those 1 gallon bottles and i couldn't get it to spray under the plant to get under the leaves because it was too strong the spray so i tried spraying under and getting it as good as i can but i was wondering is it possible to just spray the top of the leaves and the stem itself to repel them?

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With a vegetable oil and soap spray? No :( It's a contact insecticide.

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aw damn. i guess i will have to try spraying them on contact then.

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