gunnysackFebruary 7, 2010

Once again I tried a different brand of potting soil and once again it was a mess, 75 % of it was large twigs and chunks of bark with a few rocks. What do other people use? In the past I have bought soil and have learned it was infested with black fly so now I cook it for 45 min and I have solved that problem but where do you get a good potting mix?


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mastergarder2003(5 MI.)

I have went to Kmart and gotten there generic, miricle grow it is pretty good. and I have used my compost for winter sowing and them put the other, a little, on top. I have from time to time gotten Miricle grow on sale. It is very good. am I allowed to say brand names on here ??

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I use nothing but the regular miracle grow potting mix to start my seeds in.

I wintersow all of my seeds and have had near 100% germination every year using it, and this is year 7 for me.

I usually get all my soil in the late summer/early fall for WS and pick it up in 2 cubic foot bags at either Walmart or Kmart.

Are you wintersowing your seeds or are you starting them indoors under lights?

Can't tell you what to use if you are sowing inside and under lights.

But for wintersowing, it's miracle grow potting mix for me and never have a problem including any kind of insect infestation.


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I use Fafard, Happy Frog, coir fiber or sphagnum moss depending on what I'm planting.

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baccto professional potting soil!

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i tried the miracle grow. ya know, all the rave, got twigs, rocks and such in it, so i tried the stay green soil from walmart, has 9 mo feeding in there, LOVE it, went to lowes because my hubs likes to shop there once in a while, and found a huge 3 cu ft bag for 9.98 there. and i still love it! never find twigs or rocks in it. always have good germination. and its just great. i love to play in that stuff!! **big smile** ~medo

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ladycraft(6b MO)

I use the miracle grow but I use a thin layer of Jiffy soiless potting mix on top. I found it in the display with the jiffy pots. It is around 4 bucks for a small bag here but using a small amount a bag lasts a long time. With the fine layer on top it keeps the seeds from falling too deep in the courser stuff. It is easy to sprinkle on top if they need to be covered. Had great success in germination last year. Kathy

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For seed starting I use vermiculite or Jiffy Mix- relatively inexpensive when you purchase in 3 cubic foot or larger quantities. For some seeds I use coarsely milled sphagnum.
For potting on I like Sunshine Professional mixes. I use Sta-green from Lowe's for large outdoor containers. It is a little less expensive and just a bit coarser which means it holds up well.

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karyn1, where do get Fafard & Happy Frog?
I've never seen those here. I shop at Lowes, Walmart and local nurseries. About all I find is Miracle Grow or Scott's.
Haven't bought the Sta-green, but I'll look for it.

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There's a couple independant nurseries here that carry Fafard. One uses it for their own stock and I got the other to order it in for me. I buy Happy Frog at a hydroponics store. Fafard used to only come in large bags but they've recently begun packaging it in smaller quantities. Big box stores aren't going to carry them but you should be able to find a small nursery that will order it in or already uses it for their own plants. You might be able to check online to see where they are sold. The cost of shipping would make it ridiculous to order online.

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