Potted mint (newbie question)

tadhg555September 6, 2011

Last spring I bought a nice Persian mint that I placed in a mid-sized pot. It grew like gangbusters -- so much so that it became leggy and not nearly as attractive. The roots have also taken over the entire pot.

Here's my question - what, if anything, can I do to manage this fast-growing beast and keep it looking healthy and "bushy"? Should I cut it back, divide it, remove some roots, or another option?

Sorry if this is Gardening 101 but this seems like a good resource.

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The worst thing I have ever planted is mint. When it goes to seed you will have mints growing everywhere, including your neighbors. If you have to have it, keep cutting it back so it does not seed. Put your cuttings in your garbage so they do not spout and grow where ever they hit the soil. Many of my pots I must regularly weed to remove mint. Al

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Mints the best thing I ever planted! (smile) It's easy to grow, almost impossible to kill (maybe if you stopped watering for a month?). It easily reproduces and spreads as calistoga mentions, which is why a pot is a good place for it.

I'd just cut it back and it will look fine. No need to fuss with root dividing,...

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ykerzner(9 TX)

I repot my mints each year. Three-gallon containers are adequate for most mints. Cutting it back regularly is your best bet to keep it nice. When repotting, select several of the healthiest roots, plant them horizontally under half-an-inch of soil, and dispose of everything else. They'll grow back in no time.

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Thanks, guys - I'll be sure to watch plant this so it doesn't leap its bounds and take over our yard!

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