What is wrong with my plants?? Have pics

almahaaSeptember 4, 2012

I'm a newbie container gardener who has made a big hobby of it. Everything was thriving, until we moved. About a week later my plants started getting black spot, probably from the trees in our neighbor's yard which I've noticed are covered with it. I started spraying with Daconil to prevent further spread of the black spot and everything took a turn for the better. We've been having a good amount of rain, don't know if that is what is doing but it seems like overnight the leaves on a good number of my plants are turning brown from the inside out.

As you can see it has affected my roses (which are still blooming like crazy), tomatoes(which are still ripening just fine), blackberries and strawberries... even my resilient lemon balm is looking kind of sickly! The tomatoes had many blackened leaves that resembled the strawberry plants but I picked them all off before I got my camera. There is no tell-tale yellowing from this like the black spot. What is wrong with them??

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At least on the blackberry, roses, and strawberry, it looks a lot like leaf burn from the Daconil. Did you apply it at a greater than recommended concentration, when the temperature was high, or when the sun was beating down? The active ingredient, chlorothalonil, is a chlorinated hydrocarbon...at least until it dries, it can be phytotoxic at high temperatures.

I've never seen fungicide burn on tomato leaves in person, so I'm not sure what it looks like. That may be what's going on there too though.

Good luck with figuring it out :)

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I applied it at 7pm and as per the package instructions. But I was suspicious about that being the issue. My plants are in full shade by then, but perhaps the residue was still strong enough the following day? There are leaves on my larger rose and some tomato plants which still have white residue from the spray stuck to them but seem to be totally unaffected in that spot, thats what threw me off. I will do some reasearch, but do you know if this will affect the livelihood of my plants? seems like the roses especially could not care less! This morning there are several more bunches of 5 blossoms on that miniature! But my strawberries look absolutely deathly.

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Oh and any thoughts on the lemon balm? I haven't treated that with daconil, but it is a different discoloration anyway. It's much redder than the other plant's problems, and seems to be mostly on the leaf edges.

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