Anyone else noticed a huge number of SASE requests?

turkeytaker(Atlanta)February 24, 2008

In the past two weeks, I've been getting 2-5 SASE requests. Things like 'hi, I'd like X, Y, Z of your relatively rare seeds, and I can send an SASE of five dozen marigold seeds'. Most of these people have just registered in the couple of weeks and haven't posted on any of the forums, so I'm wondering if they're just out to rip people off.

I do send out my share of SASEs, add extras to small trades for people that have shorter lists, and send out seeds if someone doesn't have anything I want but is willing to trade, anyway, but I'm really puzzled by the 'I'll take this, what's your address?' mentality. The 'I'm a new gardener' comments really get my goat, because I'm a new gardener myself and there are plenty of ways to benefit from the generosity of members here without demanding it.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

There 'was' a member who just kept changing her name and often wanted 'all' of whatever a person had, but I haven't seen her in a little while...knock on wood.

There was another member too who wanted all of whatever was offered, but I haven't seen him in a really long while...knock on wood again.

Are these folks just cold emailing you? If so, I'd likely just ignore them. Over the years, I have only gotten a few cold emails. Depending on my mood, time, how they requested, and what it was, I considered whether or not I wanted to reply or not, or send them or not.

I have noticed a lot of new members on the trade board with nothing to trade. It doesn't help either that the link to the Special Instructions for the Exchange link no longer links to the instructions either.


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Sue, the female trader you are referring to is still at it..she has been active on the plant forum and a few others..

Stacy, I have noticed more people asking for seeds...I have also noticed a decline in people offering SASBE, and it is a shame....I think alot of people are tired of the responses they recieve and no one sends, people begging, etc.

When I was new. I did the SASBE offers, but I never approached someone for there seeds if they werent offered first...and I also went and bought a few seeds, to have a small trade list.

Stacy, if they are asking you for seeds, and it upsets you, maybe a kind email explaining the 'ediquette" (sp?) of trading...I know newbies get excited, and may not realize they are upsetting you.

I know I really appreciate all the people that helped me get started...Id hate for people to stop helping newbies.

BTW maybe tell them about the "adopt a newbie" thread on the RR forum.

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Hi everyone! As a newbie myself, I will say that if you're just getting cold mailings asking for things, then I would either ignore them or as suggested, drop them an email about watching for SASBE offers and the adopt a newbie thread. I have been very careful to not approach anyone who hasn't offered a SASBE. After a hellish three years and finally having to move away from my home to get away from a harassing, stalking ex-husband, and having to do so quickly after he tried to kill me,I had to leave my gardens, seeds, tools, etc. - anything non-essential to mine and my children's lives. I mention the situation not to garner pity, but to demonstrate that sometimes life leaves us in a situation where having trades isn't really possible. I really miss having a garden,so do my children, and I think that working in one this year would be therapeutic for all of us. It would also be another sign that life is getting back to normal. Between the debts he left in my name and legal costs, as well as moving from a home I was almost finished paying for has left me financially strapped. The kindness of several members offering SASBE as well as a few who have offered to send me a few seeds to build with has been a blessing to me and my family. Their generosity has very much brightened mine and my children's outlooks. And it will go further because I am asking permission to share anything that I can't plant all of to donate to a local org. that helps people in the area with food and clothing. This is something I will do ONLY with the generous trader's permission.

I know that getting cold requests like that can be wearing. And obnoxious. And I can definitely understand not wanting to be bothered with unsolicited requests. But I would like to ask that folks not give up on SASBE offers. It has helped my family, I am sure it will others. And for those not being respectful enough to not bother someone unless it's offered, then I wouldn't think they would really want to be someone I'd want to deal with. I am careful to read a full thread to be sure that the offer is for a SASBE and not a trade. I am also careful to make sure whether an offer has been closed. Those looking to build a garden who don't have anything to trade yet that can't do the same and be respectful shouldn't be bothered with. And if they never receive answer and you just delete it, it would be just in my eyes.

And once again, I want to take the chance to thank those that have been so generous with me. You guys aren't garden buddies to me, you're GARDEN ANGELS!


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Most of the emails I've been getting are from xxxxxxxxxx08, with x being any random word or phrase, so I'm inclined to think that it's someone who has multiple names. I've forwarded all of the people that are active and have requested out of the blue to the newbie threads,, and to keep an eye out for SASE offers. I've also suggested that they buy an inexpensive pack of seeds at a drugstore just so they can post that they do have something to offer. I, generally, have a more positive reponse to people that are offering something, even if it's fifteen marigold seeds, for anything and send out extras to the person, and I'm sure there are others out there who do, too.

I am careful to read a full thread to be sure that the offer is for a SASBE and not a trade. I am also careful to make sure whether an offer has been closed. Those looking to build a garden who don't have anything to trade yet that can't do the same and be respectful shouldn't be bothered with.

That's my feeling, Kathy. :)

It doesn't upset me, certainly, but I suspect it's one or two people that have multiple handles, now that it's been mentioned. I'm a newbie to the 'dirt' plant world, so I'm in a similar position to a lot of them -- a bunch of seeds that I've gotten in SASEs or from friends that I have to get going.

I didn't notice that the SASE offers had dropped. I assumed that it was winter and a slow time for trades, although I can definitely understand people getting sick of it. :)

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Where do people find the nerve to email someone and ask for seeds they arent even offering?!? This is the question I ask myself when I receive those emails. I ignore them and do not respond.I dont feel bad about it either, I will share my seeds with who I want to and when I want to,and an email like that will guarantee it wont be with that person!
Stacy, if XXXXXXXXXXX08,is who I think it is,you are right to ignore her,she gives new meaning to the word greed,dont think I ever encountered anyone greedier!

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i sometimes do if i'm looking for something for something in particular, but not a sasbe, i always have something to offer. WHEW!!! i'm not on that one!!! LOL i wonder who this person is, i know there is one person who is actually renaming himself. that's a shame!! and i thought not. but yep its true!! you and i responded to his post angie.

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Oh boy....XXXXXXXX08 is someone to watchout for...they have had over 30 screennames on several sites...this one has put the icing on the cake for ruining peoples trust...
Kathy...I am a bit slow sometimes on getting seeds out, but I would just LOVE to send some to you and the kids..I think I offered before, but cant locate the thread, so I will emial you, ok ???

I havent ever asked for seeds without being to offer some back, but last season I did post that I was new to gardening and would love to take the plants people would just be tossing to the compost, and I was surprised to get a wonderful response and NOW I have so much to look forward to this season !!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Oh boy....XXXXXXXX08 is someone to watchout for...they have had over 30 screennames on several sites..

Yes and there are a lot of folks clear across the country who are left wondering just what she is doing with all the Morning Glory seeds she has gotten from the dozens of sites. I don't know the particulars on how they are 'used' other than planting and enjoying, but I am left wondering if she might be going to sell them all on Ebay, saying they are rare Jap MGs....just food for thought.


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i do know that you can use them to get high if taken in the right amounts. i happen to come accross that the other day. when looking for something for my sons adhd and natural stuff because i absolutely refuse to put him on meds anymore!! he got so skinny. now he's my chunky monkey!! LOL HEE HEE :'))

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Im a little cornfused about one little detail. If a seed is on somebodys "Seeds I have to Trade" list, that's considered an offer and it would be OK to email that person even if they havent started a current "have" thread?

:) A

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

If a seed is on somebody's "Seeds I have to Trade" list, that's considered an offer and it would be OK to email that person even if they haven't started a current "have" thread?
I think it would be all right, or it would be with me....providing they think they may have something of interest to me to trade. I have in the past done a search to see who might have something I'm really wanting, and then emailed them with a trade offer. I only did that though when I had some things I 'thought' they would be interested in. I might add though that I did not have much luck. I figured they maybe weren't actively trading or maybe even using their GW email addy any more. Lots of folks are listed as members but I doubt if they have posted or been here for a very long time. Sometimes a search will show there are no posts for them whatsoever.

I have had a couple of very nice folks email me with a request for something that was very special to them, and they even explained why. I was happy to fill their request as I had a lot of that particular seed to spare.


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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I'm a newbie to this site too. I've been very careful to try to abide by the rules because it is a great site! I don't have alot to offer but I do offer....sometimes I get a little chuckle....and they might refuse my offer and ask me to send a SASBE anyways. If that happens, I will put some of those little plastic seed envelopes in what I send. Everyone on here has been such a big help that I can't wait to harvest my seeds and offer them to "newbies" next year.

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I know I don't mind the specific list requests, personally, as long as the person isn't asking for everything I own. Just make sure to read the entire trades page to avoid emailing someone who has 'this is a list for my personal use; don't email me about trades!' I did that once and quickly learned my lesson. :)

medo, from what I understand, MGs are the worst kind of high. Vomitting and nausea and and and...

lindaruzicka, you sound like a person that others LOVE to do SASBEs with.

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I have no problem if someone emails me for a trade or for the seeds I have listed for postage.But what does get under my skin is those who will email you with just about everything you have to offer, and expect them all for postage!
I have no problems sharing,but there is a reason not all of my seeds are for postage! I dont think some people get it that it is not only rude,IMO, to email someone asking for things for postage that arent offered as such, it also appears greedy to me. Dont get me wrong,I am all for having lots of seeds,but what about earning them? I have received SASBE,but I also have traded alot more and always offer something,unless the person states they absolutley do not want more seed.I could never imagine,emailing someone and asking for seeds like that!
Those emails go unanswered,I am selective in who I will share with. I dont have a seed factory going here and most of my seeds I am growing for the first time ever and dont have seeds collected from them yet. I only began seed trading around the beginning of September of '07,my member page shows my registration as May of '07,but I didnt stumble across seed exchange until much later. So as far as I am concerned there is no reason for this rudeness,just get something to offer and is not a complicated thing,maybe just not as easy as emailing someone "begging" for seeds!

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

I have personally come across many generous people here who are willing to share. Some I have initiated contact with after they offered a SASBE. Others have contacted me after seeing one of my posts or another. I have received a couple of these already and very much appreciate them! And am very much looking forward to getting everything planted! The kids and I held a "strategy" powwow last night and looked up pictures and specifics on the different veggies,plants, vines and flowers that we've received so far so everyone could visualize things and help decide the best places for them. We had soooo much fun! But back to the topic, as I said, I've encountered many generous people here. Aside from responding to SASBE's rather than just approaching someone asking for freebies for postage, I would suggest that those doing this take the time to be more proactive and visible on the boards. Let people know who you are and what you're about by joining in various discussions. I've had a couple of folks approach me to make an offer just because they liked what they learned about me through my comments. Which really makes me feel good! To know that someone wanted to get to know me better and share their goodies with me because they enjoyed my comment on something is one of the best compliments I can get!And I've learned that the seed envelopes aren't difficult to make, so if someone has some scrap paper or magazines, they should at least have something to offer.

So, hopefully some of these people are reading this thread, and hopefully this advice will be an aid to newbies. Be yourself, above all, share your experiences, share your comments and outlook and enjoyment of gardening. If nothing else, it will give people considering a trade with someone who has no reputation to stand on more knowledge of you. I know that my plants and flowers are sort of like my kids- I put a lot of time and thought and care into them and wouldn't trust them or their children to just anyone! So get active on here so people know just who they're entrusting their babies to!


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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

Kathy said:
" I know that my plants and flowers are sort of like my kids- I put a lot of time and thought and care into them and wouldn't trust them or their children to just anyone!"

I think that was very well put and pretty much explains how gardeners feel about their "babies". My husband can't understand how I enjoy getting sweaty and filthy. He says "and you ENJOY this???" as I warn him to stand upwind from me.."L"
I"m planning my first butterfly garden in a 9x12 ft area from scratch. I have to dig up all the grass and go from there. I'm so excited that I can hardly contain myself. When I start talking about it to my husband and daughter (she's 17), they get this "deer in the headlights" look. It's absolutley wonderful to be able to share the same wonder and delight with other people with the same addicting hobby!!

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

LOL! I get that same look from people!

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I got one of these emails a week or so ago. I deleted it and didn't respond.

Jaleeisa - I sent you an email about some veggie seed.

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terrene(5b MA)

I recently posted a seed offer on the Seed exchange, because I had lots of leftover commercial seeds that I purchsed this year (it's my first year WSing). Some of the packets had 200 or 500 seeds and there's no way I can sow all those!

I got lots of requests mostly for SASBEs (I don't need to trade much, I just have too many seeds). Most everyone was very nice and polite in their requests. Thankfully none of them were from this mysterious XXXXXXX08 person. 13 people have actually sent SASBEs so far, and they've followed the instructions for the most part.

I did get one bizarre request from someone in Europe. He offered a trade, but I wasn't interested in what he had. He persisted. I felt sorry for him and wanted to try to send seeds, but thought better about it because I would have to pay for postage!

Don't the seed exchange rules state you trade within your country only? I edited my Exchange list to say "USA trades only".

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Don't the seed exchange rules state you trade within your country only?

There is a link to The Special Instructions for the Exchange, but it is a dead link on the 'forums2' forums since the upgrade in Jan. I 'think' I might have reported it for one forum anyway, but I think it is bad on all the forum2 forums. is part of what it says, that I found elsewhere (at the Banana Forum)

All exchanges are restricted to users from a particular country, region or state. If it isn't indicated otherwise, the exchange is restricted to residents of the U.S. To find an exchange for your location, check the the exchange index.


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I politely turned down a request from the Philippines when I had posted about having seeds for a SASBE. I was very uncomfortable with sending seeds overseas. The person was understanding about it though. I wish that link for the Special Directions was working.

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

I got 2 international cold calls recently, even though it said right on my page "I do not trade internationally". -Both members felt quite strongly that I should make an exception for them. I've since changed my wording to "I do not trade internationally; please respect this decision and don't ask me to make an exception."

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Oh my goodness! Well, I certainly understand your feelings on not wanting to trade overseas! For one the postage must be awful! Not to mention, I know I'm not up on what's banned in other countries or considered invasive. That would be a real pickle to step in to. On top of all that, how would you know that your "babies" would have a chance to thrive there? It never ceases to amaze me how some people give no thought before acting sometimes. I know I've seen forums for overseas trading. Not just here, but other places that I've gone to for info on one plant or another. You would think they'd realize that using those forums would be much easier all the way around. And not potentially break any laws!

Nancy, I'm getting ready to send you an email!



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I've been looking before I leap, the past couple of weeks. If a person has been on the Gardenweb for less than two weeks, they've asked for seeds, and hasn't participated in any threads, I ignore the request. I think it's rather bold to just sign up and ask for seeds and not participate in any threads. It took me 4 years of being on the Gardenweb to feel comfortable enough to request seeds! LOL!

When I was a newbie, I had all kinds of questions & still do!

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Out of curiosity, is there somewhere we can post a list of the ones we are discussing here and any related/suspected related emails or IDs? I'm probably worrying about nothing, but I've gotten several requests from what I call "license plate" screen names. One asking for a large number of seeds for very little. I don't mind helping new people out at all, I've been very generously helped. But I am a little concerned, especially by this one in particular. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Out of curiosity, is there somewhere we can post a list of the ones we are discussing here and any related/suspected related emails or IDs?
Just the Rate and Review Forum, but it is only for member names who have actually set up a trade and followed through, or who did not follow through.

If you are in doubt about a particular member, just email one of the kind of more senior and active members here...or me. I'll share whatever I happen to know. I'm retired and GW (lots of forums) is a large part of my entertainment, particularly during the non gardening season, so I see a lot here, that others might not.

I suspect that members who have been banned here might likely still cold email members, looking for their wants.

I just emailed you Kathy (jaleeisa)

Sue...heading out to feed the birdies and take a walk to the woods with the doggies in the snow.

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Thanks so much for the help, Sue!


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I enjoy trading but do get really annoyed with the people who respond to EVERY SINGLE OFFER, even plants/seeds that I haven't offered. How can they possibly want everything that you have and they do it to other traders as well. I finally start ignoring them.

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I have responded to alot of sasbe offers & in Nov. when I first joined I had no seeds to offer . I would sometimes offer extra postage or address labels but not always, I hope that I didn't upset anyone by answering so many sasbe. I wouldn't want to take advantage of you guys for anything. But this was like heaven to me, alot of the seeds that were offered, you can't get in the stores or only a very few in a pkg.for a high price. I had never heard of WSing until this year & just the thought of growing plants from seeds that I started just seemed to good to be true ") I have babies now !! ") Thanks to all for you who offered sasbe & for the information on how to start them. I got so carried away with the "free seeds" I was like a kid in a candy store with amost no limit. I have bought some seeds on ebay & at local stores & got alot of my veggies at the local co-op store ( you can buy by the scoop there!)but I will also share the plants that grows from the seeds with my Mom, my Sis, 2 Daughter-in-laws, & a really close friend. LOL sounds like "THIS IS THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT " !!!! LOL ") right now I have several jugs & small individal cups winter sowing & sprouting & SEVERAL more to plant & will still have some seeds left to offer later, but I want to hang onto them for a while till my babies are out of the infant stage & up & going strong. So many good people with good ideas on here. There is always going to be wolves lurkin around but please just remember that alot of us really do appreciate all that you guys have done to get us started.
Jan ( lillyjane ) ")

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I've noticed a lot of them this year too. Been around here since 2003, and it does seem like I'm getting lots of them coming long after I've posted for trades or SASBEs.

There is one member that has been registered for quite some time, location in CA I believe. When it comes time to get the address, mailing is in Asia. Oops, I don''t do foreign trades and backed away and told this member to update her member page. Just checked and not done since I told her to do it in Nov. and this member has been around for quite a few years.

I too was getting lots of people wanting seeds for SASBE that where not available for postage. All my seeds for SASBE where clearly marked for SASBE and had several people very angry that I wouldn't do SASBE for the seeds they wanted.

Had my dealins with "our 08 pal" she even had the nerve to leave me a negative rating when I refused to trade with her or send her SASBE seeds, but she posted the bad rating under one of her "new names" that I never heard of.

Sue, both of those want all your seeds, just contacted me within the past 2 weeks for as many seeds as I can send them. Cold e-mail right out of the blue, cause I haven''t posted any seed list on the exchange in quite some time now. I was polite, but declined to send any seeds.

I have never minded a cold e-mail about some seeds that I have on my list, even if it was from an old list. If I can help out, I'm glad to do it. It's when the give me all you have ones that come, that rubsme the wrong way and those i fully ignore.


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Well, as a newbie myself, and I think I speak for some more of us newbies as well, when you first join you don't have very many seeds and to the people that offer say " for the first 5" why would anyone feel bad for a reply that you would like to have them. Everyone needs some seeds to get started. Of the sasbe I have done lately and the way postage is going up and up. It is almost cheaper to go buy them. I mean really, think about it. It takes 80 cents to mail an empty bubble envelope. (41 and 39 cent stamps). They don't make the 39 cents stamps anymore. So it will cost a newbie 82 cents to mail it off. 1.23 to 1.64 to send to mail it back. That to me me is expensive for a pack or 2 of seeds. Unless it is at least 4 or 5 packs of seeds or more being offered, to me just ain't worth it. I picked up some from our local dollar store for 4 for $1.00. Our local wally world usually has them for 10 cents each. But I think it is the trading and recevinig the seeds in the mail that is addicting. But what do I know I am just a newbie venting too. :) Oh and have a nice day!!!!

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Jan I'm not talking about newbies that are just building their gardens and trade supplies. These are people who have been around a while and seem to want whatever is being offered regardless of the zone it grows in. They'll respond to these offers all year!

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i agree on both sides, BUT here's where i'm different, i don't want like 20 not even 12 seeds, give me 5 or 8 and i'm happy of alot of different ones. i'm cool with that, but i have a gh so i can grow them no matter what zone. and also hubby lets me grow plants inside, i mean take over your house plants, LOL that's why we got the gh. but ya know how we wemon folk are, LOL but the 08 oh ya, and some people are just toooo dang greedy!! that's just plain wrong!! take it all up so you can't help others, that's the way i look at it. and greed gets you zip!! i had to send a few peoples back empty, on sasbe's only cuz they wanted way toooo much, and i was thinking 6 x 9 envi's they sent me huge envi's, girls i'm not talking the next size up one, it was more like a sheet of paper size. soooo not cool!@!! just for my crazy mg's. (that i love so well!! HEE HEE) but i do wish we could just put somewhere all the scammers and greedy people somewhere. LOL
although right now i'd have to be one, the lady in korea, i sooo want a few of everything on her list, you remeber a few months ago i told you about my friend/kinda like mom had cancer? well she has recovered. which we are all very glad, she's korean, and she misses home sooo much!! so i'm trying to get a trade and i'd trade a full trade (my part) for her few of everything LOL i know its crazy but i know it'll make suni happy, she makes kimshi all the time and the other stuff, i know she'd love to have the peppers and stuff from home. and to see flowers from home. how cool!! :'))
but does that make me greedy??

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Hi Karyn, I know what you are saying, & I understand ").
& medontdo, wantin something for someone else is not greedy at all, it is an act of love,") I'm soooo happy to hear that your friend recovered from cancer. My dad wasn't that lucky, he passed after a long 9 month battle of it. He has been gone about 1& 1/2 years now. He fought so hard, I think the treatment was just as bad if not worse then the cancer. He had a small homemade greenhouse & always grew all our maters for us. Him & Mom would garden & can all summer, that is what I'm gonna do this year ") This is the first time that I haven't had to work in a long time & I'm enjoying the heck out of it !!!!! WAA--HOOOO !!!!!!! I don't have a greenhouse so I am counting on WSing to work for me. TEE-HEE-HEE I'm just lovin it!
Jan ")

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I agree with Medontdo about the number of seeds that I receive per trade. Unless I'm asking for bedding plants I only want enough seeds so that I end up with one or two plants. I'm usually looking for specimen plants and don't need or want many of each. If something has a high germination rate I might only need 3 seeds.

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thank you! she's just the greatest! i'm sorry about your dad, i lost my grandpa like 15 years ago but sometimes it seems like yesterday and it got worse when he did chemo, only made it worse.
that's the way i was with a trade this past week, i asked for just a few, and he sent me still like 10 i think, that was very sweet!! so i will have enough to plant extra and sell like at a farmers market. that's what tabor "my son> wants to do. so i thought pretty darned cool!! LOL he's the seller, he likes to make mulah!! i like to plant. HEE HEE
that's one thing "among others LOL> i can say about you karyn, is your not greedy!! your VERY generous!! i know you've been so kind and so generous to me!! :'>> as well as patient!!

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I am a new member,and reading these post I am getting ashamed of my self for answearing the post for SASE so much.
I'm starting my "seeds of kindness garden" For all the seeds I have requested from these post.I will be saving the seeds from everything I put in this year.
I have been so keenly aware of the importance of bio diversity lately.I read so many websites predicting food shortages and the big chem take overs of seeds I have dreams about it.
I was so shocked to see how many of our old seed co are now owned by Monsanto(SP?)
My spirit was so refreshed when I found GW,no doom and gloom,just lots of wonderful people sharing,and caring.
If I have offended anyone by asking for seeds, please forgive me,ignore my request,or whateve you feel is right.
I discovered the wintersown site,and since I have never had good luck starting seeds inside,even with lights etc.I have decided this makes SOO much more since,let the little lovelies peek out when they are ready.
I to had often wondered why all that was neccesary,if nature has taken care of these things for so long.
I also love Ruth Stout,she is such a treasure.
I will cherish what is shared with me here,info and seeds alike.I have learned so much here about saving seeds,
I have put up post saying I would like anything you care to share., as opposed to everything you have.I have had lots of trouble with the GW system,I can't post in some places, can't finsh my profile page etc.
I will restrain myself from answearing all the SASE posts.


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Hi Gwen!

Dont feel bad about responding to somebody elses OFFER for free seeds. They are talking about people who start a thread saying "HEY ANYBODY GOT SOME FREE SEEDS THEY WANNA SEND ME FOR FREE?"


People OFFER sasbes for people like you who are just starting out, you may respond Freely!

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I significantly reduced the number of newbie offers I posted this year because of the lack of follow through, etc. The most recent offer was for two newbies, 25 packs of annual seeds. One respondent was gracious and communicated her appreciation immediately and I think she will be an asset to the forums. The other one has apparently scammed the members he arranged trades with and took advantage of as many seeds for postage offers as he could find before dropping out of sight.
I had pretty much decided not post any more seed offers, but reading this thread makes me want to try again with new rules.
Next time instead of offering to the most recent members I will offer to new members with at least two weeks and as many posts, but no more than 3 months with GW. Thanks Booberry, for the idea.

Medo, I just remembered some seeds I meant to ask you about-sending you an email.

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Im new here also, signed up last year in sept but didnt really come here very often until the last 1 week or so

ill be the first to admit, the rules link didnt work and the exchange rules were buried the day i really started reading...and i didnt see them...

i made a bo bo and asked for egyptian walking onions and hot peppers... for stamps ( have a ton here, as i used to trade grocery coupons a couple of years ago, ever seen what 1000 1c stamps look like ? LOL )

its been a bad year for us here, and honestly i cant afford to buy seeds this year :( our walmart doesnt carry the cheap seed packets :(
i have some veggie seeds left over from last spring that should be enough for veggies this year...

only reason we have internet is very generous neighbor that lets us use his wireless connection :)

just want to say Im sorry...if i had seen the rules i would not have asked at all without something to trade...

Im not posting this asking for seeds or anything, just letting you guys know...i really feel bad about the posts i made...

i promise i am here to stay, and trade and do my own Sase's at the end of the season....

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I'm curious, what is meant by emailing someone cold?
I have gotten a few emails lately from people requesting trades or SASE but not who do not have anything on their trade list that I have on my looking for list.
I found one member partically irratating. She sent me an email simply asking if I'd like to trade or SASE. I asked why she didn't have a trade list on the forum and she said she didn't know how to do it. I also directed her to my trade list but she still asked what I had to trade. I finaly cut and pasted my entire trade list into an email and sent it to her. This was quite a feat for me because as someone on this forum
knows I'm a real computer illiterate. Then she sends me a list of her trades and I picked four things that I really didn't want. She then requested nine 2010 items from my list and said I had so much on my list that she didn't have. I felt like saying "That's nice. I'll be happy to tell you where I bought them". I told her 5 items would be fairer and I also asked her about the age and sources of her seed. Things basically went downhill from there and no trade was acomplished.
I wonder if this happens to other members that often and how I can handle it a little more gracefully?
I am getting ready to pack up all my old and extra seeds for one free offer. Any suggestions on what conditions to put on the offer would be helpful. I'd like it to go to someone who might actually plant at least some of the seeds and who isn't a habitual SASE responder.
All these petty irratations aside, I must admit that trading seeds is alot of fun and I'm glad I found this forum.

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Gwen don't feel bad. Katheria you shouldn't either. I wasn't familiar with the rules when I first came here. I was so worried about what I included in my first trade and felt terrible when the person I traded with sent me at least twice the amount that I sent them. lol I just think that many of us that used to post a lot of offers have cut back because of things that have happened such as what Poisondartfrog mentioned. I should have clarified when I said that I was annoyed by those who responded to all offers. I don't understand why someone, not a newbie, would reply to everything that was offered regardless what it was. For a newbie it's a way of building up a stash to use for trade and is understandable but not a member that's been here for long time. The most annoying to me are the people that respond but don't follow thru and it's been happening more and more lately. If you change your mind about an offer just let the person know that you changed your mind and no longer want it. That's no big deal and is just common courtesy. Karen I take the emailing cold as someone asking for plants or seeds that I haven't offered but just talked about in a post. I have no problem if someone asks me where I got something or if I'd be interested in trading. I've occasionally contacted someone regarding a plant they've posted about just because I thought it was interesting. Another thing that bothers me are the people that come here, respond to a bunch of offers then just disappear after they've gotten what they wanted. I see this mainly on plant specific forums. When I post an offer on the brug forum I open it only to people that regularly post. As for trade lists I don't have any posted because there's too many items and it changes too often but I do try to remember to let that be known when I post or respond to an offer. I just reread what I've written. I sound like a bi*ch. lol Really, I'm not : )

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Karyn1's definitely not anything other than a wonderful person and friend, like so many others. We've all had the good fortune to reach and meet over the internet and learn about different seeds and plants. Without people like Medo, Karyn, Jaleesia, Hazelnutbunny etal. I wouldn't be the seed addict that I am today. To all the newbies out there, just realize that someday you may in the position of "paying it forward", so treat people the way you want to be treated. So much for my soapbox for the evening...must be the novacaine from the dentist :-)

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kathy645(4 VT)

I love that this thread was ressurected from two years ago--and that I didn't notice until the post with postage costs ;-) I think many of us newbies have issues with doing things wrong in the beginning. It is comforting to see that this is not a "new" problem. Most of us who stay figure it out with a lot of help from the generous and very patient "old-timers." Threads like this help us to learn--and give insight into frustrations of veteran traders. In the past month I have noticed I don't have the "gotta have more seeds" drive. I do still have it with tomato and bean seeds, but even then I want to know they'll grow in my zone. I also look at some trade lists with amazing seeds that make me drool, but really the deer wander through every night, my season is quite short, only the veggie section is fenced, and I am not yet a "good" gardener. I have a lot to learn and I love that all of you are here to learn from. Thanks.

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