germinating peeper seeds

gardennewbie420April 17, 2013

Has anyone done pepper seed germination this way? If so, how many days did you wait? I know they need around 75-85 degree soil to pop. I don't have a heat mat. I do have a 18' rope light that I will arrange as a hone made one. I haven't had time.

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I do mine that way, only I've found a coffee filter is easier than a paper towel because the roots won't grow through it as easily. They tend to root inside the paper towel, which requires more delicate work to set them free without damaging them. You can also encourage the roots to grow between the layers by standing the package vertically rather than lying it flat on the surface.

This year, with fresh seed, I had 100% germination in 6 days. Pepper seeds are known to take a while to germinate, though, so don't worry if yours takes longer than that. Check your package instructions for what you can expect from your particular variety.

I don't have a heat mat either, so I put my baggies (or small glass canning jars which help the coffee filters stay upright) on top of my upstairs bathroom water heater. This is the warmest place in my house for seed starting. I think your rope light idea is a good, creative solution. :)

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

You making things more complicated than it is.. Remember all your doing is growing plants. Plants grow themselves.. You just need to provide the rough growing conditions to do so.. There is no need for paper towels, or expensive foxfarn potting soil, and other fertilizers.. Trust me, I have been there and done it.. Don't waste your money.. For seed starting just use some peat moss and a little bit of lime, or some compost.. Throw your seeds on top the soil and keep moist. Once they sprout, keep soil like a rung out sponge.. Water thoroughly,let soil dry, water thoroughly, let dry. Make your own compost and use that instead of expensive fertilizer.. Or buy some cheap fish emulsion... You don't need all the "specialty" products to grow ANYTHiNG.. If you have any other questions dong hesitate to ask, I'll be more then happy to help!

The peppers should geminate in a few days if kept moist, most is two weeks.


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Thanks Joe and Kathy. Fox Farm actually I bought one of the big bags for under 20$. That's inexpensive to me. I have some tomatoes already sprouted in it. But I will definitely record both of your advice. This is my very first time sprouting seeds. Pretty nice when they pop.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Many on the Hot Peppers Forum use paper towels or coffee filters in baggies like that. They usually surround the seeds with the paper. You need to be sure if stays moist and keep it as warm as you can (80-90F). I find that a portion of the seeds that sprout using that method die when put in soil. The root should be as short as possible when you add them to moist soil.

I've had better results placing seeds on top of quality potting mix (like Fox Farm) that is moist, and barely covering them with soil. Then I cover the pot with plastic wrap or a humidity dome until the seeds sprout. The description of growing tomatoes from seed I link to below works well for peppers too. The only difference is that peppers usually take longer, sometimes a week or more. Warmth can speed them up.

Here is a link that might be useful: How do i start tomatoes from seed?

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LynnMarie_(5 SW Kansas)

I think you will find that germinating them is easy. The part I have yet to perfect is growing them to transplant size :( I am making progress as a gardener, though. My tomatoes look amazing. Last time I killed them all (peppers and tomatoes both) This is what my peppers look like now. But it was about this size that they started deteriorating last time. My fingers are crossed. And good luck to you :) Peppers are fun to grow because of the beautiful vivid color of the mature fruit.

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

Thanks Joe and Kathy. Fox Farm actually I bought one of the big bags for under 20$. That's inexpensive to me."

You could get a whole yard of quality topsoil/compost, which is just as good, if not better than foxfarm, to cover your whole garden. Would you rather have a few shovel fulls of foxfarm, or a inch layer of soil on your garden? You could do much more with that $20 bucks...

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IAmSupernova(SE Texas 9A)

That's how I've started starting my seeds although I use coffee filter. I usually see peppers sprout in 6 days-ish. I don't use a heat mat or anything, I just put it on top of my fridge.

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I also use the baggie/coffee filter method. Different varieties of peppers can take longer to germinate that others. I don't give up on them until the seeds mold or rot(sometimes after a few weeks). I take out any that have sprouted and pot them up, leaving the rest in the baggies to give them a chance.

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