Story contest--win 25 packs of seeds!

SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)February 14, 2010

My Funny Valentine, A Contest!

Tell a funny story somehow related to ValentineÂs Day, or to romance in general, and win 25 packs of seeds. ÂIt could be about the funniest or strangest ValentineÂs Day gift you ever received, your worst date, which is now funny in retrospect, the funny way you met your spouse; Pretty much anything to do with love, romance or V-day, as long as itÂs funny.

This contest starts now and will run through Friday, February 19. I will announce the winner on Sunday, February 21. Comments from the audience will definitely influence my selection. (-:

The winner will receive the following selection of red, pink and white seeds:

Abutilon x hybridum, 'Parasol White'

Abutilon x hybridum, 'Pink Flowering Maple'

Anisodontea "Tara's Pink", Cape mallow

Aquilegia, 'Woodside' columbine -white form

Aquilegia, "Ruby Port" Columbine

Begonia - red dragonwing

Begonia 'Senator Scarlett'

Begonia 'Senator White'

Centranthus ruber "Red Valerian", "Jupiter's Beard"

Clarkia speciosa, farewell to spring

Digitalis mertonensis, "Strawberry Foxglove"

Fragaria vesca, red alpine strawberry

Geranium pyremaicum, white form

Geum chiloense"Mrs. Bradshaw" -double, scarlet flowers

Lavatera trimestris, rose mallow

Lunaria annua variegata alba, 'Money Plant' -Variegated form with white flowers

Lychnis coronaria, 'Angel's Blush' Elegant form of rose campion that has white flowers with pink centers

Lychnis coronaria, rose campion Âhot pink

Nemesia, 'Aromatica Rose Pink'

Nicotiana mutabilis, "Marshmallow Nicotiana"

Nigella damascena, love in the mist -white

Salvia coccinea -Red

Salvia elegans, Pineapple Sage

Scabiosa atropurpurea, pincushion flower -mix of white, pink and burgundy

Scabiosa ochroleuca, Cream Scabiosa

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mojo1967(zone 5a)

Okay i will be 1st to share! This was Valentines Day 2000.

10 Years ago i was working for a major trucking/transportation co. & was single. I have alway's been the type to have guy friends (have 7 brothers) so it was just natural for me. Rob was a really good friend at work, he was a driver & i worked i the dispatch office. We had worked out a code name for each other so we could talk back & forth via computer & paging system. After being friends for so long we were quite comfortable saying ANYTHING to each we kinda got on a "Naughty" conversation. Later that day i recieved 2 dozen roses but assumed they were from another guy who liked me as more than a friend (I was madly in love with Rob...but he did'nt know) So I paged Rob & told him that the other guy had sent me 2 dozen roses & i was gonna call & thank him ( there was no note with the flowers) Anyway Rob said that sounds like a nice thing to do...& i did...well that was were not from the other guy, so i had no clue. Later that afternoon our computers backed up & my boss came in & said all the messages had backed up in the system & he was gonna have to manually go through them to see what info the drivers had missed recieving....OMG my heart stopped because earlier i had a "naughty" conversation with Rob. Well my Boss was reading everything out loud to the dispatcher when all of a sudden he turned to me & said "Hello Lucy Lu" (that was my code name) & I said who is Lucy Lu? He then let me know that he could see the cmputer number that the message originated from & the pager it had been sent to....I was ready to DIE. So he asked me if the roses were from Rob....he assumed after reading our No, no, no i said, Rob is not like that, we are not like that...we are just friends! So he called the florist & pretended to be Rob & asked if the flowers had been delivered....they were from Rob! So i waited for him to get off work...he denied buying the flowers, but he walked me to my car & kissed me (after 2 yrs & me asking if he were gay at one point) then he asked me out to dinner & know the

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

Hi Mojo,

Thanks so much for sharing your story. -That was hilarious! I think my heart would have stopped when the big boss started reading the messages. I'm glad that it led to such a happy ending.

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Approximately 32 years ago, when I was 16 and in college, I went to visit my grandmother for the weekend. While there she stopped at a local gas station to get gas, and I went in to get gum. There was a good looking guy that came out to pump the gas and clean the windshield. I was immediately interested, and asked my grandmother if she knew anything about him. This is a very small town, and everyone knows everyone else. She denied any knowledge, which I later found out was a ruse by her, just to see how interested I was. Later that day, I was standing along the road talking with girlfriend. Suddenly this same guy came riding by on his motorcycle and stopped. He struck up a conversation with her younger brother pretending not to show any interest in me. Then I got up the nerve to ask him for a motorcycle ride. He Said ," I dont have another helmit", then excitedly, " but I can go get one!".So he went to his house and brought back another, and we spent most of the weekend together, and that began our relationship. We met around July, and by September we were engaged, and married the following July. i later found out that when he went back to get the other helmit, his brother said he nearly tore up the house trying to find one.Almost 33 yrs, and 6 kids later, we are still happily married.

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

Hi Tammy,

Thank you for telling your wonderful story. -I got a little teary eyed at the end. (-:

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mojo1967(zone 5a)

I forgot to add to my story above....This year for Valentines Day I recieved a "stapler" & "hole punch" he gave me a card with a door hanger inside it that say's "Please do no disturb" i wore the door hanger to bed (around my neck) & when he tried to get frisky, he pulled the blankets down & read the sign "Please do not disturb"...I cracked up...He is still very romantic after 10 years...Just a little crazy when it comes to buying gifts!...I am sooo bad...huh?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Both great stories. Thanks for sharing.

Great seeds being offered for your contest Susan. Good idea!


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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

Loved the door hanger story; too funny.

I'm glad you are enjoying the stories, Sue. I thought we could all use a little cheer and joy.

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mojo1967(zone 5a)

Awwww, Tammy that is so sweet that you have been together since you were teenager's! Great story....and WOW..6 kids! I think that is great! I come from a very large family..4 girls & 7 boys...we had lot's of crazy fun!

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Leigh, a young teacher friend of mine came to school on Tuesday, February 15th. She was showing all her friends the "tacky" little pillow that her boyfriend had given her for Valentine's. He was late picking her up for their Valentine date, so she got mad and left. When he arrived and was told that Leigh had left, he asked her roommate to give her his gift.
The pillow was red satin covered in red lace, with ruffled lace edges. In the center, were red silk roses and red ribbons which had silver bells and charms tied on the ends of them. Tacky and cheap, complained Leigh as she showed it to all her teacher buddies. Tacky and cheap! She ranted and raved all day until about two o'clock when a dozen beautiful red (real) roses arrived with a card that said:
"My Dearest Leigh,
I hope by now you have found the engagement ring I attached to the Valentine pillow I gave you. I love you with all my heart and I hope you feel the same about me and will say yes!
Awaiting your reply with all my love,
S.... "
Sure enough, there was a beautiful diamond ring tied on the end of one of the ribbons of the "tacky" pilow. Leigh cried and we all laughed until we were rolling on the floor!
And she did say yes, and three kids later, he still gives her some "tacky" gift every Valentine's!

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

Hi Sher,

Thanks so much for the story; hubby and i both really enjoyed it. Thank goodness she didn't throw that pillow in the trash!


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spider(z5 IN)

Hi' back in 1996 I worked for Wal-Mart in the lay-a-way dept. and it was spring, I went in the back to get some box's and when I came back' there was the biggest brunch of all kinds of wildflowers in a big vase' it was like a picture and it was just before lunch. I ask who was the lucky girl and they all looked at me and said I was, I just looked at them then I looked at the card and it had
I've been watching you.From YLH and they was all trying to think of who it could be because my husband of one year was JDM. He always came in to take me to lunch and when he came in the girls took the flowers and moved them because they thought they were from some other guy and didn't want him to get mad because at that time I didn't know who it was. At lunch he ask if anything happen this morning and I said yes that was the prettiest wild flowers I've
seen' he looked at me and then said how did you know and I
said Your Loving Husband and he still brings me wildflowers
sign YLH. I told the girls before we got off from work and thank them for trying to help me.
Ruthie - Spider

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mojo1967(zone 5a)

OMG! These are wonderful stories...Susan, this was a great idea...i just wish more people would have shared stories! We should have more contest's like this, it kinda let's you get to know a little something about your GW friend's that maybe you did'nt really want to know, but kinda glad you, it was a wonderful idea & i really enjoyed reading all the stories! Hope you all have a great weekend...we are in for another round of snow...yuck!

BTW...the pillow story...SWEET & funny! & the flower story...very romantic..and a little sneaky on his

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I've sure enjoyed all the great stories shared here. I gotta admit though I especially enjoyed mojo thanking the wrong guy for flowers, and then having her boss read her 'naughty' conversation...I'll bet her heart did skip a beat.

Good luck everyone...I'll be checking back tomorrow to see who won the nice seed collection.


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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)


Thanks so much for your lovely story; your husband sounds like a real keeper!

Mojo, I'm glad you've been enjoying the contest. People have hosted ones like it before, and they have always been a lot of fun. There was one a year or two back called something like "Your Worst Job Ever" that was particularly hilarious.

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

See below for the winner!

Here is a link that might be useful: Story contest winner!

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lol mojo, I think I was either typing in the dark again, or I picked up an extra kid I didnt know about. I just went thru the posts above, and when I read mojo's I had to go back and check. Sure enough I posted 6 kids. I only have 5 (last were twins) unless I added in my 3yo dgd that lives with me,lol.This was loads of fun. Thanks Susan.

    Bookmark   February 21, 2010 at 8:59AM
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