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pinkcherubFebruary 5, 2011

Hi there! Sorry I am not sure where to post this and I am a newbie here so PLEASE forgive me!! I am wondering aside from my local nursery and stores where online would you recommend ordering your seeds for a fair price? Also, I am looking for the Old Fashion Bleeding Heart seeds if you happen to know of a place to purchase these I would sure appreciate any help!!!

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Hi pinkcherub - First of all, welcome!!! I'm no expert but I don't see any reason you can't ask a question here. One other forum you might want to post your question is the Growing from Seed forum. I'm guessing you might get more answers than on the conversations side but that's just a guess.

You can look up seed companies on the Internet and most will say if they do/don't produce a printed catalog. There is also the Garden Watchdog website where folks rate Internet & mail order nurseries of all sorts including seed sellers. There are links on that website to the various seed sellers' sites. I order my perennial flower seeds from a few different online companies and can't vouch for any but the ones with which I've had dealings.

Good luck, have fun and feel free to ask more questions. I'll try to remember to check back tomorrow or later tonight.

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You can do a search on GW under "seed vendors" or "where to buy seeds". You can also check out the rate & review vendors forum. Gardenweed mentioned Garden Watchdog which is a great site for checking out feedback on specific online seed companies and nurseries.

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Thank you girls, I found several sites now, thank you for your help! I would prefer to go with Hardyplants.com because they are local to me "Always prefer to buy in my own state if possible" but I read mixed reviews on them and the few seeds I really want are out of stock. I will give them a call on Monday just to see if they can earn my order otherwise it will be Gardens North!

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