Disappointed with Seed Trades - Quality

flowersnhens(Maine 4)February 19, 2014

I just wanted to post here that I am pretty disappointed with a few of my seed trades from the past few months. I have received some tomato seed that is quite obviously pretty darn old ! They are dark brown and dried up looking. I think that is pretty rude for people to send seed like that when they know full well it will not germinate..just so that they can gain some nice fresh quality seed from me that will germinate and flourish for them!. I have only sent fresh seed, and I always send hand picked seed that I think looks its best.

If you are going to negotiate a trade, send fresh seed that is actually going to germinate for the person you are trading with, not some old dried up seed that you have had for several years, and you know it is no longer any good.

Most of my trades have been very good, but a couple of them have really surprised me.

It really annoys me that someone would do this!! Shameful !!


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Things like this are, unfortunately, bound to happen in a forum like the seed exchange.
It is a risk we all take when we participate in an open forum and set up trades with people that we really don't know anything more than what is posted on line.

The 2 best recourses you have is to check the rate and review exchange forum before doing a trade with a member. You can do a search for the member's name and see if anything comes up with any reviews about that member. That, most times, will give you a good idea about the member's history in trades, but it isn't always helpful.

2nd is to post on the rate and review exchange forum about the problem you have had with specific members and the trades with them. You want to warn other members about problems with a trader and of course you always want to post positive trade information with all members you have traded with or received seeds for postage from.


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