Question about seeds (house fire)

tarheelgirl228(9)February 25, 2009

Hi y'all

We had a house fire a few months back in terms of structural damage we didnt have too much but the house had a LOT of heat and smoke damage~ including my seed box so do you think these are still good? if so how can I check them or should I toss them and start fresh?

I had regular garden veggies, herbs and some flowers (mostly local stuff my brain is so fried I am drawing a blank as to names but a small mix of annuals and perennials)

I tossed all my starter pots that were plastic I figured I would use more chemicals getting the soot and smoke off than would be worth it but do you think my clay pots will be okat with a good scrub? All the plants were scorched by the heat and I tossed them

Any advice is appreciated!


Amy (tarheelgirl228)

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Not really sure about it but if you'd like anything from my list-just give me a holler.Wend

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Amy,

Well, I would have thought that someone would have answered your question by now, but the Conversation side has seemed to drop off a good bit just here recently. Maybe everyone is busy with a little spring clean-up outside or frantically Winter Sowing seeds.

Anyway, my 'guess' is that some, possibly all may likely be all right as it would just depend upon how hot they really got. You may just get lower germination on them.

I'd suggest you testing the germination on them before seed starting time, if possible. I am an optimist and would 'hope' that they would have at least some germination.

Taken from the link below:
As is my habit every spring, I test my seeds to see whether theyâÂÂre still any good, or if I need to buy new ones. This is a very easy thing to do "you stick half a damp paper towel in a little plastic bag, drop in ten seeds (5 if youâÂÂre starting to run short, or if theyâÂÂre big seeds, like squash). Write the date you started them, and wait to see what sprouts.

Sorry to hear of your fire, and hope that by now you are getting things and your life back in order. That's great that there was no structural damage.

Little story here. A couple of years ago, a friend and her husband built a nice big cold frame and covered it with a glass door. They filled it with all new soiless mix and carefully planted seeds of various garden items. They did not water it as it was still quite early and they just wanted to be ready to water and start their seeds at the appropriate seed starting time. Well...they never opened/vented the cold frame on the many warm sunny days prior to watering the seeds to get them started. They had also started a few seeds in the little plastic sixpacks and a few plastic pots and had them setting in the frame. Once it came the appropriate time to water/start the seeds, they discovered their mistake in not venting the frame on the warmest sunniest days. The plastic pots were melted and in distorted shapes. Needless to say, they did not have anything germinate, as the seeds had been baked.


Here is a link that might be useful: Testing Seed Germination

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

Some seeds actually germinate better after being exposed to smoke. This seems to be the case with a number of Australian plants. So - go ahead and plant!

Sorry about the hoise fire. I've not had one myself, but I was living in New Orleans in 2005 so have experienced devastation! My ladyfriend's house and yard got 6 feet of salty water - it killed almst 100% of the plants but the blackberry bushes came back. So did the Virginia Creeper, sadly. Ruellia also came back.

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