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fairwaysJuly 27, 2011

Recently had a planter area renovated, soil and drainage are ready for new perennial and possibly shrub plantings. I'd appreciate some recommendations for hardy, low maintenance species.

"L" shaped area along attached garage, entire house and garage is faced with limestone. The long leg of the "L" faces west, the short leg faces north, the area gets some direct sun but mostly partial shade. Planter beds are 4 feet deep.

Nearby plantings include snow on the mountain and bright yellow daylilies and daffodils. Prefer shades of green, bright yellow or white. No reds or oranges, blues might be okay. Would like at least one climbing planting along west facing stone wall. Prefer masses or layers of plantings versus smaller groupings or varied layouts.

Thanks so much.

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karinl(BC Z8)

This being a design forum, not a plant forum, you may be better off asking in the shrubs forum, or to tell the truth at your local nursery. There is no point in people all over the continent exerting their brains to come up with plant suggestions that you may not be able to get locally.

If you want design advice, a photo would be good - but we're prone to discussing whether the bed is in the right place or the right size or needed at all, not just plugging plants into it.... Sorry, we're kind of difficult :-)

Of course, someone else may come along and make suggestions just to prove me wrong!


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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

fairways, since there are five different USDA plant hardiness zones in Wisconsin, it would be a good idea if you could post your zone in the other forum. That would make it easier for people to recommend shrubs that would be available in local nurseries and would be likely to survive in your garden.

At the site below, you can put in your zip code and find out your zone:

Besides the Shrubs forum, you might also try your local forum. I'm not sure if that would be the Great Lakes forum or the Midwest forum; it might depend where in Wisconsin you live.

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