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emailuserJuly 27, 2014

hi all,

as a newbie hope someone can help with some tips on changing my garden from a blank canvas into something special , i have uploaded some pics of the small garden we have in the uk , the first thing we have in mind is decking from the bifold doors to the back fence in a half moon shape, this will allow us to put some patio furniture and chiminea on for the evenings,

other advise, how can put some shape into the garden to stop it looking square, also as you can see we have alot of wall space, what can we do to use this, plants features etc .. ... really appreciate any advise .. thank you in advance

Here is a link that might be useful: video of garden

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It's a fact that the Brits talk a little funny (in the US-of-A "knocking up" is something that usually happens later in the day, not the morning) so we have to be careful to make sure we are on the same page. By "decking" do you mean flooring made exclusively of wood? Can't see your doors well, but they look like maybe a little close to the ground for that. ...Or do you mean what we call patio -- hard paving like brick, stone and concrete? You should find a way to illustrate and share your idea for "half moon" shape paving in order for it to be considered and blessed. Placing it one way might be good. Placing it a different way might be horrible. Having it go "from doors to back fence" in that shape is what has me puzzled.

The easiest, fitting way to reduce squareness is to round out corners of the yard with plantings ... rather than interpose shapes and arrangements that contradict the overall given shape.

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Could you explain the three potted trees?

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evening, i will try to post a drawing of what i mean by half moon, decking to me is wooden boards, the height above the ground is only around 250mm, the idea is to walk out of kitchen onto decking,
Emmarene, those potted trees are fruit trees 2 apple and 1 pear, these are 18months old they are designed to only grow to around 6 foot, though we have t trained them well so are looking a bit ragged...

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hi , here is a very crude plan drawing , yellow indicates proposed decking shape , blue is outline of garden ... hope this helps ðÂÂÂ

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Thanks for drawing. It explains. However, I'd bet money that you would regret creating the concave shape as it will turn out to be much less practical than you think it will be, and not worth the trade-off for the design interest advantage. Where you're making it skinny -- at its central area -- is likely to be where you'll wish it had its greatest depth. When it comes to deck and patio shapes, simple and straightforward is better than employing a gimmick or contrivance.

We're together in our understanding about what decking is made of. However, it's not going to be the best choice of materials and methods when your house floor level is so close to grade. It would be better to install a patio of hard (brick/stone/concrete, etc.) material. You might consider extending the house floor level to the outside on a fairly spacious landing and then stepping down one step for the remainder of the outdoor area, or expand the landing so that the deck is split level. It would depend on how you use. If it's a part time dance floor, split level wouldn't be the best choice.

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Here is an example of a floor that could easy be divided into 2 levels. A small lawn could make a thirsd. It helps minimize the absolute rectangularness of the site.

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Hi Yardvaark, appreciate your thoughts and drawing , definately gives me food for thought in your drawing is the lawn surrounded by a wall or is that a pathway ?? ,

any thoughts on the 2 large walls could they be utilised in any way ??

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I think you have a really lovely space with a lot of potential. I agree with Yaardvark that the hardscape (patio or deck) should be the convex curve, as it gives you more area where you could put your table and chairs, and repeats the arch shapes on your nice fence to the left.

Consider where you are going to place the fire pit. You surely want to keep some lawn space also, for the dog.

As far as what to do with the walls: My first thought would be some mounted art, in a durable format such as wrought iron, or something that complements your style and the style of the house. I like the white walls, myself, because I think they are bright and restful, bu you could consider introducing some color as accents. Paint is easy to apply, and you could do something simple if you are not artistic, like a broad red stripe following along the two buildings pictured, then add some pots in the same or contrasting color.

Eh, that's probably a dumb idea, but it's what came to mind.

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What, emailuser ... you cannot just follow my logic and read my mind?? :-) In the drawing that is a single step down at the edge of the "deck" bordering the lawn. I labelled it "deck" but really, it should be "patio." (Is that what you call it?) Bordering the lawn is a "mowing strip" .... a flush, decorative paver edge to the grass. It defines the lawn, dresses it up and makes it easier to keep the edge sharply maintained.

Wouldn't you use the two large walls as back drop for plantings?

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For along the walls, I love the idea of some type of espaliered trees, although I have zero experience with actually growing them.

Here is a link that might be useful: espaliers

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