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barefoot_contessa(5a)February 22, 2009

I just thought that I would mention that posts from months ago are more than likely closed. So it doesn't do much good to post to them and bring them back to the first page. All that really does is knock of new threads for current trades. I seen chemocurl posted this somewhere, but I can't remember where at the moment.

If you are looking for something, make a new thread requesting your specifics.

If you are posting to an old SASBE thread, it probably isn't being offered anymore. So I would just look for a current, up-to-date offer of SASBE for newbies.

I am newer as well, but I do A LOT of lurking (reading everyone's threads/posts. :-)

Hope this helps, and I hope I have come across as being helpful, not complaining.

Happy Seed Trading!


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I'm new here too, but have learned this much: if you scroll down to the bottom of the page where everyone has posted there is a search box for this forum. Just type in the type of seed you want and it will find all the members with that item. Good luck.

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I was tired last night when I posted this. I am so sorry if I came across as negative.
And, what I meant when I said that I am a newbie, but I read A LOT, was, that - that was the reason I knew not to do some of these things. We all have to learn some how, some time, right?I am still learning the ropes as well.

Jump in a get your feet wet and trade like mad people (errrr, maybe that is just me???:-))
I hope I didn't discourage or upset anyone. If I did, please accept my apologies? I didn't mean to sound like a big ol' butt!

Happy Seed Trading!!!!!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Carrie,

I read your post yesterday but just didn't reply, thinking it was so good it would be good to keep at the top until someone else replied to it.

Goodness, you did not come across as negative. What I deduced from your thread was that though you were quite new, you really were on top of things there is just so much to all the ins and outs of posting and trading.

It really does bug me though when folks do not get their Member Page email link set up after I have mentioned it to them and included complete instructions on how to set it up...sigh. Are my instructions confusing or what?

I even see reviews for new members at the Rate and Review Forum and when I look at their Member Page, they still don't have an email link. I refuse to trade or do any seeds for postage without a Member Page email link set up.

You did good GF!

Just so ya know... I'm one of the biggest complainers here, but postings seldom upset me any, as we are all human. My real rant is with the USPS, bit I'm having too good of a day to go

Perhaps better put would be

When responding to seeds for postage offers, be sure to read the terms posted by the offering member to see if you are eligible for the offer.
Please scan through the replies within the thread to see if the member has run out of certain seeds, or if the offer has been closed.
If an offering member is looking for 2 members to share seeds with, please do not continue to post to the thread after 2 have already responded.

Now...I hope I didn't sound too negative and like a big ol' butt!

Sue...resident busy body

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