I hope you understand...

trudi_dFebruary 24, 2009

As of March 1st, 2009 any SASE that I fill will have to include a printout of that SASE address page at WinterSown.Org.

Too many people have taken advantage of my generosity and published the Six Pack SASE address on websites or shared it through list-serves; the Your Choice Tomato SASE list is also circulating through emails, which is a shame because the offenders don't update the list and I have to deal with lists that are several months old and many of the varieties long exhausted--I'm the one who has to make apologies and send substitutes.

The problem is that people are just raiding my non-profit for free seeds without bothering to discuss or share info about Winter Sowing, which is why I started the Seeds for SASE programs; originally I had to give people seeds to get them to try it. Though Winter Sowing is now widely accepted and recognized by the USDA as a method I still continue to share seeds.

The address pages at WinterSown.Org have a neat little calendar application that shows the current date. If the printout calendar date is more than a week older than the USPS cancellation date on the letter the SASE is mailed in then the SASE is invalid, or if no printout arrives the SASE is also invalid. The instructions are clearly stated on the website.

I hope you understand, but the hemorrhaging has to end. I will still continue to share seeds but now a visit to WinterSown.Org and the dated address printout is required.


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What an awful thing to do to someone like you; one who has taught us how about Winter Sowing, saved us a lot of money and have healthier plants as well as some we may not have been able to afford otherwise!

Sorry this has happened to you.
Suzi (who understands completely)

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