suggestions for short fencing for small area of yard....

Lynn NevinsJuly 31, 2009

Can anybody give me ideas on how to mark-off, or create some type of short "fence", for two small areas of my yard?

I have a small dirt yard and the bulk of it contains potted plants. Against the perimeter of the yard (which is completely surrounded by fence), I have two areas where I planted a few things in the soil. The areas are each about 3Â wide. In front of these areas, I want to put some type of short "fencing"Â.mainly just to serve as clear indicators for when I have parties in my yard, that these are areas NOT to be stepped in (as opposed to other areas of the yard that are covered with English Ivy, which I have no problem with people stepping in).

I want something that looks "natural"...not too formalÂeither a wire fencing in GREEN, or else a wood/bamboo type fencing, or maybe even a border of some good sized rocks (which would be difficult for me to do since I donÂt have a car). I searched online, and while I did see a few examples of green wire fencing, or wooden fencing, the lengths of the fencing were all too long and IÂm not handy enough or have all kinds of tools, that I could cut the lengths to size.

I also thought that maybe I could "make" a fence, using just some sticks, and perhaps criss-crossing them at an angle, and then tying them with natural twineÂbut then I wasnÂt sure how IÂd stake them if the sticks are crossed at an angleÂ. ? Ah! ÂI just realized..maybe I could use some of those wooden supports like you use for tomatoes or other tall plantsÂ.break them into shorter piecesÂcreate some type of a horizontal fencing pattern using two sticks that I tie together, and then use another stick laid VERTICALLY say every 12", which I then tie to the horizontal fencing pattern, and then I have my "stakes".Âmaybe that could work?

So, does anyone have ideas for how I can create "natural" looking fencing or borders for areas that are only 3Â wide?

Thank you!

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Take a trip through the yard and garden sections of a Lowes or Home Depot - they carry all types of decorative wrought iron, thin wire and/or picket fencing sections in all heights and lengths and in green, black, or white.

Or, for what it's worth and thinking outside the box - when I first joined GW and surfed through the forums, I hit on The Garden Junk Forum. Someone had buried colored beer and/or wine bottles (labels removed) neck side down about half way to create a border. Reusing and repurposing a resource at hand - maybe a party or two's worth? Easier than lashing sticks together.

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treelover(z8b SoCtrlTX)

It does sound like a good DIY project, if you have some bottles, or branches that aren't too brittle.

Here's a thread on the topic of wattling. It's fun, though my little fences always look like they were built by a bird who might have emptied a bottle or two first.

Here is a link that might be useful: wattle

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karinl(BC Z8)

On another thread, Laag is talking about choosing form ahead of function, and that seems to me to be what you are doing. Your function is to have something that is an effective barrier and screams DO NOT STEP HERE, yet the forms you are expressing interest in is something minimal, unobtrusive, blending in. Above, all, something easy.

If I were trying to get people to stop stepping in my plants, I would choose an unequivocal barrier, one that can't be missed by someone who is far more interested in their conversation and wine than in where they are standing. Perhaps you do need it to be removable for working in the spaces.

If you want to make it a lot of work you could install actual 4x4 fence posts at each end of the space and lay rails - even just light dowels - across on the inside nearest the plants, on hooks - even just cup hooks - or something so they could be removed for non-party times. Maybe with nice finials on top of the posts, so they are decorative even when the rails are off. If you want to make it quick and easy, get those short lengths of plastic(?) WHITE "picket" fencing that you stick in the ground.

One thing I see in the ideas you're playing with is a potential for eye-pokers, that is, thin sticks that are maybe three feet high and stand-alone, something that, if someone drops their purse and bends down to pick it up, will be totally invisible to them and will poke them in the eye. Just a thought.


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