Jim's rant

jim_6b(TN)February 9, 2009

I recall reading a thread posted several weeks ago called "What grinds your gears". I guess this could be considered Part 2 but I want to be very specific about the subject. The subject involves chain emails and the more recent and annoying forwarded text messages.

It all starts with an innocent story about a sick child, supporting the American troops or something religious which is fine. Most of them are very touching and I do read them.

Now comes the part I hate. They usually say something like "If you donÂt send this to x number of people in the next hour, blah, blah ,blah, blah!" I have been told I was a hypocrite, that I was going to hell, I was uncaring, or didnÂt love my family.

Who do these people think they are to question my faith, the love I have for my family and friends, the support I have for the troops that defend and die for this country we live in. God Bless America!

Of course this is my opinion and everybody has one. One more opinion, anyone who tries to make someone feel guilty about not responding to these emails or text messages, to me is a dirtbag.

IÂm just wondering how yall fell about this.


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Jim - delete.

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Or you are not going to recieve millions of dollars, or even worse you will have bad luck and bad things will happen to you or your family if you do not forward it to 20 of your friends.

I HATE that too!

Some of those are so touching and nice, and then they have to ruin it with that junk.

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I just figured they must not know me or wouldn't send me that cr@p!!LOL!! So yeah, DE-LETE!

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I delete all chain e-mails. In all the years I was a young foolish woman sending the chain e-mails on nothing wonderful happened and since becoming an wise, cynical, old woman and deleting them nothing terrible has happened. I have saved myself time and trouble and stopped annoying friends and family. OK, I still annoy friends and family, LOL.

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Boy I guess that's why I have bad luck sometimes!! I LOVE the delete button. I don't even read them anymore!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

IÂm just wondering how yall felt about this.

Not worth ranting over, and I'm surprised that it grinds your gears Jim.

Now the USPS and their antics...that is something to grind...but I'm not gonna get into that and start twitchin.


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Oh Sue, why did you have to mention that. Eyes starting to twitch.................running to get the duct tape!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Oh Sue, why did you have to mention that. Eyes starting to twitch

Sorry. Maybe misery loves company?


YIKES! I just discovered that the message box is gone, so one cannot 'start' a new thread. I just reported it via the Contact Us link...sure hope they get that fixed soon. In the meantime, maybe folks will read and respond to some of the great threads (and rants!) here on Conversations.

If they (the powers that be) don't get it fixed soon (like in a few minutes) I'll plumb forget what I even wanted to start a thread about...sigh...oldtimers setting in.

Oh yeah...it was going to be a little HTML code stuff.

I see folks copying what has been said by another member before the reply, but they don't italicize it....(like I did above) Making italics is simple, as some folks know.


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I can't stand those endings on emails. Sometimes if I get one and it has really cool photos, I will send it to myself so I can erase the junk at the bottom and forward it without the chain mail stuff.
What I can't stand is people who forward emails with false info! Checking Snopes is not hard to do!! My cousin who is a retired teacher kept sending emails with incorrect info. I kept sending Snopes links back to her. Finally she started sending me the emails before forwarding them to a bunch of people since she is still clueless on how to search Snopes. Lol, ok, for some searching Snopes is hard.

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Hi Jim,

Certain people love to send this C**P, My M-I-L being one of them. My solution, my old E-mail account is for all my junk mail. I never even look at it. When I go to stores, I always give the old account info out. My new e-mail is only for my garden web friends and a few other who I choose to let have it.

Works for me.


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Sue, I'm just dying to know how do you do italics?!?

Can you do boldface too!?!

It bothers me when people end their question like they're screaming ?!? ?!? !?!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Sue, I'm just dying to know how do you do italics?!?

Can you do boldface too!?!

Yes, I can do bold and
bigger, bigger yet, and even bigger
and green, blue,, aqua etc.

And and red italics too!

Below is a link to a thread I just started at The Test Forum on the Gallery side. There is only one page on the other side of the Test Forum and often posts get bumped off in less than a day or so. I have included in my post a link to where I learned how to do the most basic stuff like I did above.

Stop on by my thread and practice some. Several of us 'regulars' there will be glad to help or offer assistance if needed.

Ok...back to rant...I am so disgusted with myself because I have gotten so little done so far today.

Sue...off to get busy fast!

Here is a link that might be useful: HTML thread I just started if anyone is interested in playing.

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alwaysagarden(CA 9b)

I have one garden friend here who sends me alot of chain mails. She is a real nice lady and I know she doesn't mean any harm. But after she sent me about 10 of those chain mail letters that Jim described so well I just began deleting them. In the beginning I forwarded them back to her because I just wanted her to know I did care and did think of her as a friend. Well now I don't send any out to others or forward them back to her.
I can't stand receiving chain mails and I'm sure 99.99% of people feel the same way.
This past week I haven't recieved any from her, so I think she is getting the message.
I do like receiving a good joke or something lovely, or thought provoking. I really enjoy it when gardeners send me pictures of their gardens! Heck isn't that one of the main reasons we are here for?!! : )

(Hoping Sue has stopped twitching)

Cindy : )

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Here's how I've been dealing with forwards including any kinds of threats/IF's. First of all, I've not sent any out to relatives and friends and everyone in my contact list should know by now I'm hating those. Sometimes messages are nice, just don't have to include a threat--especially the dreaded one from a priest in SA, worst is saying if you don't forward something bad might happen to your family, now that's the pits- add worries about family. If I should forward such things, which friends don't send to friends...and they delete it, God forbid something bad happens, not as a result of it, I might blame myself for sending such mail. Haven't had the one from SA in a few years and hope I never do.
What I've been doing, forwarding any such forwards to SPAMMERS- there are usually a few around, so it hopefully thins out eventually.
My pet peevee sometimes-people have no time to say hello--sending too many forwards, even 3 personal words would be better...however, not upset about it -to each their own.

Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day, tell them you love 'em, often...tell it to as many people as you feel like, if you don't heed this advice a bed bug might bite you.

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most of the time when i get emails that i like, i send them, i don't forward them, i copy and paste. then i edit, leaving out the send to x amount of people, replacing with send to as many as you want and then add something corny or goofy. mostly because that's who i am. i started doing this after grannie told me that she thought it was wrong to send a perfectly wonderful email and then to mess it up with something mean at the end. i thought about it and then started doing that. or sometimes i just leave that off all together. but i do love some of them emails. :') ~Medo Hee Hee a bug mite bite you!!! **big grinn**

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