5-1-1 and need to reapply lime

Oxboy555(Las Vegas)September 18, 2013

Say the plan is to keep a plant in 5-1-1 for two years. You apply the initial lime charge. Furthermore, say you irrigate with distilled/pure/rain water. Will that type of water, the incorporated peat and the decomposing bark constantly try to drive the soil pH down below say 5.0, necessitating another lime application before the two year repot?

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Oxboy555(Las Vegas)

i wish some forum guru would answer this. :(

Just want to know if adding the lime is always just a one-time deal at the beginning or if it ever needs to be added again down the road.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I'm no guru, but I've been growing in the 5-1-1 for several years now, and for the most part I don't re-apply lime. The 5-1-1 isn't really intended to be used longer than a season, but I think most of us are pressing it into service (to use one of Al's phrases) for more than one season. A couple years back, I did re-apply lime to my Moro blood orange by pulling back the surface mix and applying about a tablespoon all around, then replacing the mix so that the lime was covered. I watered well afterwards. However, I didn't notice any great difference in vitality, so I haven't bothered since.

I think the pH of the 5-1-1 will climb and stabilize, more or less, and as long as you are using a quality fertilizer, you should be good.


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I was thinking about what to say for days on this one and Josh stole the words right out of my mouth...

Good job Josh! Well said.


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