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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)February 8, 2009

Does anyone know if: can I winter sow right now (southern Indiana) and be ok,or should I put in a bag with moist soil and frig and if so for how long and then what. I really want to grow these this year and did not know about the cold period anddon't want to mess up. HELP!

Thanks guys Nichol

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Hi! Definitely ws them,that is your best bet! :)
I sowed mine sometime in March/April last year and had great results. If you want a more exact date,let me know and I will look it up! :)

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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

See, that is exactly it. I understand the concept of WS and want to as it will be so much easier, but I am unsure of dates to do things. And then when you add in the things that need cold treatment of some sort, I get lost. Yes, if you could help me or point me in the direction of dates that would help me so much. I guess I am terrified of the doing it too early and the seeds rotting or too late and missing out, or not blooming or something. HELP> thanks so much for your help and response. :)

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

No problem! I am off to grab my records,I will get back to you shortly! :)

Also,just so you know,next year you will be such a pro at this,the first year is always the scariest! ;)

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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

Yeah you would not think you would be scared to plant "seeds". But I am. I have grown under my lights the last two years as far as vege seedlings and a few annuals and a couple perennials and herb, but I am just scared of losing seeds. Thanks for all of your help.

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

No worries! You will be happy gardener in the spring! I do know how you feel,all my seed sowing was done direct before this year and I was shaking thinking I would lose all these precious seeds by messing them up! But after year one, ws'ing and under lights,I have no worries this coming season! :) Ok here is my dates:

1. Variegated sown 3-21 sprouts 4-20
2."Regular" sown 3-21 sprouts 4- 12

I love these plants and they are worth the "worry",I prefer the variegated because it is much fuller on it's own,the "regular" seems like it would do best in a mass planting to me. Both are beautiful ,no doubt,so don't take this as one is better than the other. If you need seeds for one of them let me know and I will be happy to share. Good Luck and remember,Ma Nature is good at this stuff and ws'ing is just a way of helping her do it a little faster!:)

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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

I would love to try the variegated. I have the other. OK, So I am excited now. Ok so I can wait several more weeks then. No I can relax. I was seeing posts about all these WSers who sowed in Dec and Jan and thought I was way late, too. Thank you for your help. I read the faq and all, it was just the dates and when kinda scared me. I guess I will just dive in. I went to Big Lots and bought a bunch of the really cheap 9x13 pans and potting soil yesterday and then came home and got scared. LOL. So tomorrow will be my "Big day" and I will start in. Do you hae suggestions of what things to get in the containers first?? Perennials?? I want to do quite a bit, so I want to get started but don't want to start too soon, either. I am off to bed but will read any posts at 5:30 in the am. (teachers aide and I like to have an hour of me time inthe mornings before with my coffee. Lately that has been on the Round Robin and WS forums !) Thanks again.

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Wow, I googled variegated KMOTGG. Beautiful plants! Lovely name as well. Kind of romantic :-)
Sorry, I am an old soul trapped in a younger body, heehee


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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I know what you mean,some get started alot earlier than others and start at the Solstice,which some year I would love to do!:)

Ok these 9x13 pans you bought,can you fill them with 3 inches of soil and still have enough head room for the sprouts? If not,I would reconsider your containers. Shallow containers are good for things like Alyssum,that have shallow roots.Most seeds you need the 3 inches of soil for best results.

I start with perennials and work my way to annuals,last year I started a few annuals way too early and had to "baby" them until we warmed up. So this year I plan to do them perennials first, hardy annuals,and then tender and 1/2 hardy annuals.You are not too early to start. I plan to sow tender perennials,tomatoes and peppers under lights,some of them take forever to mature and I am too impatient to wait it out. But many others start their veggies via ws'ing and say they have great results. :)

The ws'ing forum and are really great resources for info,when in doubt,just ask,people are always willing to answer questions and guide you along,they know how great it really is and want to see you succeed! :)

If you would like the Var. KMOTGG let me know,I would be happy to send them to you for SASBE/BEAP or trade!:)

Good Luck and I hope I was of some help!:)

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Oooo,I love my var. KMOTGG. It comes up every where from self-sewn seeds in my little backyard veg. garden. It's probably going to be all over the place this year since I was so late doing my clean up chores this passed fall.

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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

Thank you so mcuh for all your help. The 9x13 pans have a domed lid and enugh room for3+ inches of soil. They were 2 dollars for 2. I will email you this afternoon about a trade (if I something you want). The WS forum is great I just wish it held your hand more as far as WHEN or at least explained a little better that it does not matter as much when or what matters and what you can just do and be done with. Make sense?? Ok Thanks Off to school. Nichol

Oh, yes, it looks beautiful in the pictures and I have wanted to grow it for a long time b/c.

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I agree Peg,I just love it! I hope next year to have enough of them to toss down a bunch of seed for volunteers,this year I think the birds and myself got every last seed! I will keep an eye out for them just in case! :)

gardenmom,your containers sound GREAT! The price is definitely great! I am going to have to check BL for those,thanks! :)

When to start is always a zone (and location in that zone), factor. People zones warmer than us can start before we can,even though at times freakish temps can mess them up too.I think it is safe for our zone to do the perennials first and than work on your annuals last. I will begin my annuals sometime in the middle of April this year. Starting them in March was a bit early for me personally,but some do start earlier and have great success.All my sprouts survived last year,but the running back and forth with my tender annuals was a bit more work than I like!;)
I start all my tender perennials under lights,just to give them more time to mature,my season is way too short for somethings and I purchase no plants...well....not all the I figure why not have them just a bit longer in bloom!;)

There is some great info at,there is a data base for our zone,the data comes from real people that actually ws these plants.I printed out the seed lists for our zone and sat down with my seed box,went through all of them and pulled out what could be ws,than the rest I didnt find on the list, I looked up individually.To my surprise,there were not many to look up after going through the list! I think I only had a handful of "not sure" ones,and those, I posted threads and asked about those particular plants at the ws forum ,most of them I got an answer on, and the others I just did under lights or ws'd them as an annual. It took sometime to really understand this part for me too,but after all that I got it pretty good least I think I do,season 2 will definitely let me know! Of course I will make mistakes,but I am not so afraid of them this year,I have a much better understanding of the way ws works and always hold back seed! ;)

Well I am off to see what goodies you have on your list,hope you had a great day at school!...I love teachers,you guys ROCK!;)

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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

Thanks ladies. I am exhausted today. Went t bed way to late b/c I was talking to these crazy ladies on this garden web site I found and they were teaching me about winter sowing and KMOGG. LOL I seriously could no go to bed b/c I waned to know so bad last night. Crazy. Then I am laying in bed and an hour later still thinking about it and realize I had not set the alarm. Then I tossed and turned and every time I wokeup or rolled over I was thinking about getting my perennials WS'ed. THANKS alot you guys. LOL. Then I set the alarm wrong, so I gotup way late, did not get my web and coffee time so that messed up my day, I am an aide in a third grade room andwe had a sub, UUGGGGG. No offense, but it is not the same and I was in a BAD mood. no sleep LOL BUT I am getting my fx now so I will feel better soon. Have to take dd to swim practice then I a going to WS my first couple containers. Very excited. I think Iwill sow the following over the next couple days, how does this sound:
coneflowers (4 different var.)
pamp grass
balloon flower
dames rocket

There is more and I will post as I go. Anything you see that I should wait awhile on??? I will go to the WS webite and print out the list. Thanks guys.

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA) got it bad! is funny how all of this can just go through your mind all day, all the time!:)

They all look great! Just keep an eye on the poppies if they are the annuals,if they sprout and you get really low temps,you will want to cover those containers or take them in.They germinate fast and grow even faster. I am not sure about the parsley,I sowed mine with my herbs which were one of the last batches I did and our temps were good shortly after they sprouted!:)

The data base will help alot. Honestly, I think you are going to do pretty good at this and have great success. Remember, if something sprouts too early and is on the tender side,you can always just make sure that container has extra protection if you have any really cold days. It wont be a loss,just a little bit more work,that's all!:)

Hope you are able to actually sleep

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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

That is it exactly. LOL It keeps going through my head constantly, what can I sow when . LOL That is why I am ready to just get my hands in there. Did not get to tonight, swim practice ran over and by the time we got homework done, well, tomorrow hubby is doing practice and I get all night to SOW> YAY Thanks.. LOL Nichol

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

this time of year...well starting back in late Dec w/ early WS and sewing under lights on heat just terrible for me for sleeping. I lay down,close my eyes then start going thur my inventory in my head and what I'm gonna I have to leave the tv on to distract my brain and I can go to sleep....LOL

Now I have the excitemnt of all the WS new seeds that are popping up daily and what their going to look like as they get bigger,how many will go in my yard and where and how many will be sold at market...I've been gardening 15-16yrs./growing my own 9yrs and I still get excited as if it's my first plant/seed.

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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

Glad I am not the only one. LOL When I can't remember what else is in the box is the worst b/c then I want to come in and look through it (at 2:30 am) and know that if I do, I never will go back to sleep. I am planning new flower beds and what will go well togethor, etc....YIKES

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There was a thread over on the rose forum were people(more than a few!)would "count" their roses to help them sleep!!LOL!!

Abraham Darby,Belinda's dream,Carefree Beauty....

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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

I have probaly done that with the perennials I want to winter sow.

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