Cheap fencing solution ideas

freckles81July 29, 2013

Our whole yard is currently enclosed in a vinyl fence. However I still need to close off a few areas because we have dogs and I would prefer that they can't go behind the garage where I can't see them and I also need to close off my garden.

I bought some cheap stakes and plastic netting as a solution for enclosing my garden but they have still been able to go under the netting since it is only attached to the stakes.

I found these instructions on how to create a sturdy fence out of landscape timbers. And landscape timbers would be a very cost effective solution but everything I'm reading online says that they are not rated for in-ground contact. Sounds like they don't even hold up very well as edging for garden beds etc...

If I coated the part that I plan on burying in the ground with one or two coats of roofing tar, do you think that would hold up for a decent period of time.

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Landscape timbers are made form a wide variety of woods - longevity will depend on the specific wood used and if they have been treated (many have been chemically treated for durability). For untreated timbers or softwoods, rather than roofing tar use a regular wood preservative, like is used for decks and wood fences, and coat the entire timber. Also sinking the timbers into concrete rather than just digging them into the soil will give you a much sturdier fence structure and will extend the life of the wood.

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I needed a very cheap fence once and sunk landscape timbers in concrete. One year later, one could easily break them off at the ground. So they were somewhat more temporary than I had hoped for. I did not treat them in any other way, but they came "treated" ... theoretically.

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gardengal and yardvaark are totally right, landscaping timbers are no good if they are not treated for weather erosion. Your best bet is just go to a reclamation yard, purchase some cheap used wood panels and create your own fence.

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