How many want photos included in trade page?

love2gardenncFebruary 3, 2008

I love a nice clean list of seeds and plants. I can look anything up that I need to see, as well as get all the other info, zone, depth, season, etc in a heartbeat. I also dislike going through a whole page of OUT, OUT, and OUT. I personally do not really care for photos as even with high speed cable access I have to wait a bit, I can't imagine how long it might take to view if you have dial up. Also, my fire wall makes it so that I have to click twice to view a Members page if they have pics and I find that bothersome.

Please don't flame me, I know that I may be considered a dinosaur by some, I'm in my 50's and my computer is a many times rebuilt 98 model.

What's your opinion, what do you like to see?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

No flame from me. I have a 4 year old computer, am computer challenged, and also in my 50's.
When I was on dial-up, I hated pics, and just had to bypass the pages that had them, as they took sooooooo long to load. If someone has never been on dial-up they just don't understand how long it often takes for a pic to load.
Now that I am on broadband wireless (not the fastest, but a lot faster than dial-up) I enjoy the pics.

A nice compromise in my humble opinion, is a clickable link if one wants to click to see it. I'm not really comfortable with those yet. I have learned just a bit of HTML and have used it some on my trade pages. I find a lot of pages are hard to read, and just a little HTML would help a lot...IMHO.

---BULBS---may or may not be able to find them now--
Daffodils-yellow small earliest to bloom here
Daffodils-yellow small " double
Daffodils-yellow-large-mid to late season-very fragrant
Black Ambrosia
Condilla-have pic
Daring Dilemma


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I do and I'm sure others forget some people are still without quick internet access.
I like pics if it is not too many. If it is too many, they better be good pics that I ooh and aah over! I do have a few pics on my trade page. I put them there because 2 are no name varieties which seem to trade better with a photo. The people who have the blue highlighted names that link direct to a photo is the best! I haven't graduated to knowing how to do that yet.
My pet peeves are:
Those photo slide shows that enlarge like they are coming out of the screen at you. My eyes don't like them. I know this is a personal problem, lol.
People with very basic lists of seeds and their wish lists only contain very specific cultivars. I know it is a wish list but put a few reasonable items you would like on them!
Trade pages without a date at the top. It is nice to know when you read list(not while on the trading forums)if the list is somewhat current, or if it is an undeleted list from 2002.

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I don't care to much for pictures and I have high speed. My firewall has me clicking twice also. I like the links if available. I offer to send photos to traders.

I don't like the outs either, seems like a lot of searching, some have more outs than haves!!! LOL

A nice clean page simple and alphabetical works for me.

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

I'm not one for the pics either and I have DSL high speed access and I don't like the "OUT" next to the seeds either. Really bugs me. It's just as easy to delete the list.

I have pic links attached to most of the seeds on my trade page.

And I have a 3 month old, brand new MacBook Pro and I have to click twice with the pics cause of my firewall too. It's not because anyone has an "old" computer.
No picking on me now about the computer. First new computer since the old bundy blue Imac from 1997.

If anyone is interested in a really easy was to post a link to the pics., just send me an e-mail and I'll be glad to give the instructions.


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i like the pics IF they are already there, i don't like going to the photobucket or whatever they have, its a pain. and the out is kinda ok, i guess, then ya know for sure if they have it or not. since they have the plant they are prob gonna have the seeds next season. so prob don't wanta delete it. but for me....delete....but i haven't been to my page in a bit. LOL
i like the pics simply cuz i can't find some pics on the net. and i'd love to know exactly what it looks like. cross pollination and all. :'))

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I like a few photos, especially if the plant is uncommon, but I usually back away from trade pages that have a lot of very large photos; they take too long.
I don't like the "outs". If you are out, you don't have it and it makes it harder to see what you actually do have. Likewise on the want list, I don't care for "received". If I receive enough of something, I am no longer looking and there is no point in making someone look at a bunch of wants I no longer have.

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davidlee(z7 / SWArk)

Some of you might want to try this.

Go to "Tools" and then "Internet Options" . . . scroll down to "Multimedia" and under that find a box labeled "Show Pictures". Click the box to erase the check mark. Then click "OK" at the bottom.

Once you have done this, you will no longer see pictures on web pages you visit, but will instead see a box. If you want to view the picture, you can "right click" it and select "show picture".

This will really help you if you are on "dial up".

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Thanks davidlee,I passed this info on to a few of my dial up buddies!:)

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kwyet1(z6 CT)

Yes, Yes please. I have dial-up but the trade pages with pics load in at a reasonable rate. Then I don't have to waste time trying to look up the plant might not be the same variety or the same color. I would rather see it.

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i have dial-up n dont mind the pics as long as the page isnt overdone,
being on dial-up i keep another window open or a game of solitaire open to keep me busy wile a page is loading lol

i do mind the messy ones were ya dont know were a name of a plant ends n another plant begins lol drives me crazy! i give up n click out. i love sue's example above :)
i just learned to add color to a message so will be changing mine soon:)
i also check the updated date and want lists, if they dont have one i click out, cause i dont care for the guessing game.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

i love sue's example above :)
i just learned to add color to a message so will be changing mine soon:)
Thanks! BOLD is nice to for a header of numeries varieties of one kind of plant. Please choose colors wisely, as many are not as easily seen as black on white...and I won't even go into those pages that have a picture background, or where the lists are centered, with no HEADERS at all.
They just are not kind to the older eyes.

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i was gonna use blue as its close to black, the light colors are hard to read on white but i realy dont have many names things so ill keep it as is:)
i dont like the out or soon to have mixed in with the have now lists, so i added a xxxxxxx line n put soon to harvest list under my have list of the plants that are getting seed pods , think thats ok?

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i kinda think people are nuts to put down what they are supposed to recieve in a trade, what if ya don't get that trade?? i never list anything unless i grow it myself. one thing i have learned this past year is that people send you old stuff, and stuff thats no good, and stuff that has no seeds in it. so i have many flats of things i marked as unsure of, the "seeds" i didn't think would grow, they were to tiny. so far they haven't. so i never list them. ~Medo

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my soon to have list was from my garden not trades but you have a good point. also i learned the "dont count your chicks before the hatch lesson!" as my 5 year old picked me flowers today, all my cosmos in the front yard! she really did a hack job on them. lol ugh!
off to take off soon to have list till seeds are safely packaged up :)

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