Help with foundation planting front of house

amm0810July 16, 2010

I'm stuck. We have landscaped around our whole house this summer and the front has been vexing me from the get go. I have tore out the new plants 2 times and replanted!! My husband is about ready to kill me! :) I have the right side of the house left to do and need some help. Our house is on 3 acres, about 200' off the road and we have about 1 acres of prairie grass/flowers planted in the back yard so my style is a bit more casual....around the sides and back is a mix of burning bush, russian sage, daylilly, aster, sedum...burning bush...

We have a paver sidewalk going from the driveway to the left in a curve to the right to the front door. "In the curve", below the dining room window I have planted a mix of 2 little bluestem grass, 3 purple coneflower, 3 catmint, 1 Peony, 1 spirea, 3 Hardy Geranium, 1 black eyed susan, 3 blanket flower. Space is about 5' deep at widest part and about 18' wide. Now, across the sidewalk on other side is a space about 3' deep by 14' wide. It backs up to a porch with 3 white pillars and the porch is about 2' above ground. The corners of the house have diable ninebark planted on them.

Do I need to use the same mix of plants I used "in the curve" on other side of the walk? I am struggling to get a good mix of color/height with the space allowed and still try to plant in groupings. Should I try to do more coneflower on that side or will it be funny with only 3' depth to work with? I would really like to finish it up this weekend so we can put the rock down and be done so any help is appreciated!!

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