Stock up on Forever Stamps

gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)February 11, 2009

News announced it is official May 11 stamps will go to 44c. The forever stamps are good though forever, so start stocking up now. If you buya few or a book of extras each week or eachmonth or whenever yu buy them, it will save you a little bit in the long run.

Maybe I should take m tax check down and just invest in forever stamps ?????????????

Just kidding,



newby seed addict :)

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

LMAO....yes remortgage the house!

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man, i shoulda done that the very first time befor it went up!! **big grinn** LOL ~Medo

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YES! My old "Forever" stamps are gaining value!! Might save them to offset my retirement account losses! =D

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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

LOL Now that is funny. I wonder if we had invested in the forever stamps when laughter above did, if we would have more money in our "investments" than investing in the markets. Thta is a very sad thing to think about. I was trying to be funny and ended up not. LOL They are already talking about raising stamp prices again in a few months, along with reducing mail to 5 days a week. My mother in law was upset on Thursday and was telling me all about it and I was like I already know, it means 1 less day for seeds and she was COMPLETELY disgusted with me. But then I told her to start buying the forever stamps. Maybe I should tell her to take her CD money and invest in forever stamps. LOL

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