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kathy645(4 VT)March 18, 2010

Although this sort of relates to another thread on this forum, I thought it might deserve stand-alone status.

I was checking in the R&R Forum tonight because of a thread here and am somewhat disturbed that many of my posts are missing--hopefully temporarily, but who knows. I am a little behind in my R&Rs but doing a search on my name says I have only rated 9 members since joining. That is wrong and strange. I also noticed that no one had rated me yet. I'm okay with that as long as I'm doing everything I'm supposed to on the forums. Hopefully, I'm not disappointing anyone. (Please excuse the insecure moment.)

Anyway, Sue (because you are dependable reading these posts), I know I left a Rate for you for one of your generous newbie offers. (I've wintersowed much of what you sent and have my fingers crossed.) I may even be able to give you the date of that posting--when I can get to my GW notebook. When I pull up your name, it says on the "search" page that the last entry was Feb. 2010 (I think) and yet it will only show me to July 09. I think that's a problem. So is everything since July 09 gone including my post? Or can other people see up to Feb 2010? Is that why a search of my name does not bring up your name as one I have rated?

To relate this to another thread, I have no problem sending first in any trade. It makes sense to me that as a newbie I should send first to anyone who has been with the forum longer than I have. It's the respect your elders rule (not age related). My problem is that I think I have rated about 20 members since October and the system is only showing 9. The number of times I have rated others is semi important to show that I am active and have not gotten negative reviews by anyone even if I haven't been rated myself. It gives members a way of checking with another member to ask how a trade went. I know that a lot of my transactions were responding to beaps and quite probably wouldn't be remembered, but I generally said in the body of the review whether I responded to an offer or trade.

Any insights from other members is appreciated. Thanks.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Kathy645,

YIKES!...There is a major malfunction at Rate and Review, and I see what you are talking about.

In doing a search on my name there it says that there are 86 replies with the last one shown (on the search page) having a date of Feb 14, 10.
In actually looking at the thread, there are 77 replies with the last reply being made on Jul 29, 09. (like you said...)

So is everything since July 09 gone including my post? Or can other people see up to Feb 2010? Is that why a search of my name does not bring up your name as one I have rated?
> Well, it looks like there is a window of time that some reviews got dropped (disappeared) from 'some' threads. In looking on back a few pages, and the dates threads were started and replied to, I really don't 'think' entire threads were lost.

In checking my 'saved emails' I have an email from you dated 12-12-09, and on 12-13-09 I replied and thanked you for the kind review you had posted......so your review disappeared sometime on or after 12-13-09.

In doing a little looking around there at R and R, and counting some replies, I see that there are also replies missing on member disneynut1977, it shows there are 28 replies, yet when counted there are only 26 there. It looks like they are missing sometime between Mar 4, 09 and Mar 16, 10.
Member name Jeanne shows there should be 43 replies yet there are only 31 replies probably missing between Jan 22, 09 and Mar 15, 10
Member poppy_power says 46 follow-ups) yet there are only 29..probably missing between May 8, 09 and Mar 15, 10
Member name kmpsmom shows 43 replies yet there are only 40...probably missing between Mar 5, 09 and Mar 11, 10
Member name Liznbeatle shows 17 replies, yet there are only 14
dirt_under_my_nails-(reviews missing )shows last post is Dec 20, 09, yet the last one in the thread is Jul 4, 09

I will contact GW (via the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page) and link to this thread. Hopefully the lost reviews can be found. Hopefully it won't be like finding a needle in a haystack for the tech folks.

Sue...loquacious as usual.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

per GW...some replies (reviews) between sometime in Aug and sometime in Dec are gone and they are working to recover them, but not sure if it will be possible. It was suggested that you might want to repost your reviews in the meantime.

Sue...hoping for the best and heading out to play.

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kathy645(4 VT)

Thanks Sue--you're good! You outlined the problem much better than I did. I'll try to get my reviews reposted sooner rather than later. I hope GW understands that some replies between Aug and Mar are missing. And if they can't get back the missing posts, maybe they can stop it from happening in the future, but I'm sure they're working on that.

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

More than 30 of my reviews are gone and on another not so positive note (yeah...really negative) another GW member/scammer's neg posts are all gone with the exception of the one I posted. These posts were from July 2009 to March 2010. The response from GW I received was...

"Hi there,

There is a gap in our backup for certain time periods. We are hoping to find a way to restore these posts, but there is a good possibility that this may not be possible. We understand this is very frustrating and upsetting and we have made changes so this will not happen again."

Now that's bad, but with the recent (April 4th) TOTAL LOSS of my entire trade page, I'm so angry I could scream! The response to my complaint there is pretty much the same.

"But you have a big list...so it's fine"

It's EMPTY!!! There is a very small "Seeds I have for trade" list and everything else is BLANK! My Seeds I have list ended less than half way down with the title "PEAS" and there was nothing after it. Uhhh where are my tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, etc! I replaced what's there with an old "haves" list, but it's not accurate.

GW-"There is a huge list when I look at it, so it's fine"

me-Yeah, but it was "HUGER!" and the other lists are BLANK!

GW-"Oh so sorry, what words were in the lists missing so we can search our data? We may not be able to fix it...but thanks :D"

No contact or FIX since...so I figure it's a lost cause and I will not spend the time to fix it. It's sad, cause I have really enjoyed trading and offering items to others. Now it's all messed up. I feel very offended! No communication and I was trying to update my list with some items several people sent me. During which time I received an error message saying the site was unavailable. Checked the next morning and POOF!!! Everything was GONE!!!

Stupid me...I don't have back up of all the months of work I put into that trade page.

Not a happy camper here!

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kathy645(4 VT)

Ouch! That's really, really awful. You have/had a wonderful trade list. And you were able to tell them when it happened and they couldn't fix even restore to the last backup? Somehow that seems wrong. If they aren't willing to restore, I hope they do fix the problems they/we are experiencing.

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