How to get started?

ginads3(5)March 5, 2008

Hello, I just joined and wondered how do you get started.I bought some packets of seed, can I trade with these for other things that I want? Any response would be appreciated.

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Welcome ginads3
yes it would be ok as long as you let the trader
know they are store bought seeds
take a look at my list or ask I may have it
can do a sase (self address stamp envelope)
sasbe (self address stamp bubble envelope)
you will see sase,sasbe in the post


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Thank you for the welcome! I have another question, are store bought burpee seeds bad? should I be looking somewhere else?

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Nothing at all wrong with Burpee seeds. Take a look at my tradelist, I have my commercial seeds in a special group and try to trade them for other commercials. Also sometimes purchased seeds have fewer seeds in a pack.
Welcome to Gardenweb, take a few minutes to set up your trade page and don't forget to put in an email address so we can get in touch, Les
P.S. You might want to read the FAQ at the top of the trade page, it gives lots of advice on # of seeds per trade and how to package.

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Chemocurl, Sue, who calls herself our resident busybody wrote this and allows us to copy and paste it in her place. Makes it easier to figure out how to set up you email.

"I thought you might like to know there is no email link on your member page, thus no way to email you.

To set up your email, just go to the bottom on any page here, and click on Member Pages
Then click on Edit your Personal Information, Page, and Preferences
You will then probably be asked to login in again.
Then check the box Allow other users to send you email via forms at our site.

That will place a link on your member page.

While there editing, you may want to fill in your state abbreviation. It goes in the one box provided for the garden zone (and state abbreviation).

Happy Gardening and trading."

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Nancy zone 6

Welcome! If you are interested in some seeds for sasbe, just email me, I have several to share.

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orcascove(6 Columbus Ohio)

The most important thing to remember is we all started somewhere, and as long as you are entirely honest about where the seed came from, how many you will be trading, how old the seed is and always send them in a Bubble envelope in a timely fashion you will do just fine. This is my first year trading and I have meet some very nice people, who had no problem answering any of my newbie questions. Also there is a rate and review exhange page so you can leave feedback about your trades for all the great people out there. While it is not a requirement to do so, it is always a great way to see how the person you are trading with handles their end of transactions. Best of luck. I'm sure you will be addicted to trading in no time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rate and Review Exchanges

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I'm with orcascove! I've only been on GW for a month and I'm sooooo hooked! You will be addicted in no time! I certainly am! I just keep trading without evening knowing where I'm going to put the plants! Welcome to GW!

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Thank you all for the hints and tips. Does a sasbe mean that I send you an envelope with stamps and you return it to me with flower or vegetable seeds.

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Yes ginads3 sasbe you send your return stamped envelope
to your trader they put the seeds you have asked for
and mail it out

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botanicalboi(Zone 7 Georgia)

Hello and welcome! Hope you enjoy GW as much as I have over the years! If you ever want to trade, check my list. Happy Gardening!


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Thank you all for the information. I will try and hit the seed racks to get something to trade with. I hope to see ya soon.

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