Feeling overwhelmed by SASBE Requests

kmpsmomMarch 27, 2008

I know that there are lots of others on this forum who have been approached "cold" regarding SASBE. There are definitely newbies out there who were once in the position of having nothing, but there seems to be a huge increase in new members who are not interested in building community just taking from those generous souls out there who are offering SASBE seeds. This is a generally wonderful group of people who are generous, kind and caring, let's not ruin that just because there are a few bad apples out there! There's nothing wrong with being a newbie and trying to build up your "seed collection" (I was and still am a newbie in many ways), but remember that many of the veterans here have worked hard (very hard!) on their gardens and let's not take advantage of them. I'll get off my soap box now. Thanks, Ann

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Ann,

I saw your reply in the Morning Glory sasbe thread...No, I don't thing that is the "Mad MG woman" from Red Oak....lol

I think GW is one of the very few sites that is set up specifically for trading...which is why I like it so much above any/all others. Other sites (Dick's Garden, etc, )seem to kind of be a free for all...get it? LOL...meaning members are just looking for/asking for free seeds/plants...and that is accepted and fine THERE,,,really not much actual trading going on...IMHO.

The link to the Special Instructions for the Exchanges does not work, and the Instructions themselves have even disappeared from the bottom of the Exchange Page (On Topic Discussion). I started a thread and copied and pasted them in there. They can be found at any of the other Specific Exchange boards here....just broken here at the Seed X and the Plant X...the 2 main ones...YIKES!

Perhaps when members are cold emailed they could copy and paste the Special Instructions in an email and help get them informed....or include a link to a thread that includes the Instructions...until the link gets fixed and the Special Instructions are back on the Trade page.

Hopefully our newbies will soon get 'on board' and learn just what all is expected, and not expected of them.

With the recent exposure of GW in Mother Earth News, there may be an influx of new members, and no Special Instructions readily available for them to follow....sigh.


Here is a link that might be useful: Special Instructions For the Exchnages

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I second that Ann! :)

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well ann you do have a nice adorable list!! and so do you angie!! but if they are cold emailing, i'd
1. look at their page, if no info at all, i wouldn't help at all. that just goes to show they are in it for the seeds and gonna leave.
2. how long in?
3. how much do they want? alot or just a few? if a few only then no biggi, cuz then maybe they arent greedy, but if they want everything on lyour list then bad, but if everything on your list but only a few of it, and want to offer "something" then i could see, LOL
yes, i actually do look at things!! and i have a little heart!! LOL its just when people show no interest in filling out that page it just shows a lack of something or another!! you guys know what i'm talking about!!
i do know what your talking about, when i listed everything i had, when i was a newbie, omg!! LOL now i just list what i grow. LOL i realized that what other people send me i can't gaurantee that that's what it is. i'd hate to send someone something they are highly allergic to!! so now i'm done!! LOL hugs ann!!

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