OT...Check out my not so green sprouts......pics

ishareflowersMarch 15, 2009

I know, I know...you were hoping for green sprouts! I just had to share a pic of my soon to be garden helpers.


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How adorable!!

Wanna swap for 2 kitties?

Will learn to attach pictures if interested.

Just having little fun
and plenty of sun
what puppies will need
after they get up from feed.


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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

awwww they look so adorable! :) Congrats on your lil sprouts ! :)


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I'd love to see two kitties! BUT, the puppies are mine..lol

The puppies still at the breeders house which is killing me. They have them in a heated barn now and won't let us take them until Friday. I hate to see them laying in the shavings like that but there's nothing I can do about it,right?

I'll check back later for kitty pics, I think their sooo cute but my whole family is allergic to them so I have never been able to have one.


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Lisa, pups will be good in the dry wood shavings for a little while, know how you want them in the warm, cozy blankets/bed.
Congrats!! I've been wanting a yellow lab for years, but sure love my kitties, it wasn't any serious offer, besides, no time now to learn to post pics, smile.


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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

OMG they are adorable. I love them!! I wouldn't worry, they look quite content where they are until you pick them up. Why won't the breeder let you take them till Friday? How old are they? I have a black lab, my 5 yr old "second son" Lucky. He is my BFF:-) Do you mind if i ask you how much you paid for the pups? The breeders on Long Island charge anywhere from 1,000-1,500.

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Irish rose,

What a beautiful boy! I lost my 15.5 y/o black lab,lance 15 months ago. He was my best kid ever!

I've been wanting a new puppy for a long time but hubby wasn't ready until now and then springs it on me that he wants two puppies not one! I say it's double trouble but what a fun summer we'll have!

I got my first lab from a breeder about 17 years ago and paid 550.00 for him.

These puppies were an accident! A family friend has a male and female and thought that they could keep the seperate, YA RIGHT!

We went to look at them and he said he knew how we loved and cared for our dog so he would sell us the first for 400.00 and the second for 275.00. What a bargain, huh. They are just thrilled that we would take two.

The reason that we can't take them is that new hampshire law states that puppies stay with mom until they are 8 weeks old. It feels like forever!

I'll post more pics when I get them in my house.


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Irish rose,

here's a pic of my Lance.......................

This is a pic of his memorial garden where he used to lay in the sun.

I have stairway to heaven jacobs ladder, stairway to heaven iris, chasing rainbows iris,jobs tears,oceans mist iris, black mondo grass and a blue hydrangea in there. It really helped the healing process for me.


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Hi Lisa;;
Your pups are just lovely,,you will be able to spoil them soon,,I just love the sounds puppies make,,and they smell so good,,labs are great dogs,,and smart too,, great pics
have a wonderful day and hug up those pups,,Lisa

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