Need design ideas for my backyard(5000 sq.ft) - Seattle area

csreekJuly 12, 2014

Appreciate landscape designs for my backyard, about 5000 sq.ft in seattle area. I have lot of space, appreciate cost effective solution and would like to keep the weeds to a minimum.
Please. email me at
Attached a picture.

Many thanks,

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Is budget an issue? Your land looks flat, so there are many possibilities. You could put meandering paths throughout with flower, connifer, and vegetable garden areas, small and large patios with pergolas, an out door kitchen, a pond or in ground hot tub / jacuzzi, fire pit...

Lots of options. I think we can help you better if we know what hopes you have for your yard. Will you entertain? Will it just be for beauty?

Pinterest is one of my favorite places, and here is a link to a garden I designed for a contest. I actually won this contest which was really cool

Oh, edit your first post and get your email out of there. NEVER post something like that in public on the web. It's an invitation for ID theft. You can enable members in your preferences, to email you, and garden web will assist with secure emailing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Contest

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Kumar, ditto on "edit and remove email address" in your first post.

This is where you can get help and ideas for designing your back yard, but not really where some one will hand you a plan. There's a fair amount of work involved. You'll need to provide more information in order to get help and be willing to assemble the information you get back into some sort of plan.

One picture does not really show the extent of the back yard. If you stood next to the center of the back of the house and took overlapping shots while panning the yard (all shots taken from same position) then we could get a better feel for what is there now.

In order to get control of weeds, you'd need all areas to be mowed turf, heavily mulched, or thickly planted. The combination that will work best will depend on your needs and desires, and the existing conditions. In order to get help in figuring out what arrangement will work best, provide the additional photos and more information about how you will use your yard.

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kinda shows what those of us who make a living at this are up against, doesn't it?

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LOL!! And this is exactly why I tend not to respond to posts like this (even though I am likely only minutes away from OP's property and have firsthand knowledge of the area and plants). It is tough enough to explain the details of the process and the associated costs involved to get any sort of satisfactory result to my paying clients let alone provide it for free online with only the barest details to start from.

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very good points gardengal and I don't blame you one bit.

I thought this was a spam post because of the email address and the general scarcity of info. Maybe it still is -- have we heard from Kumar?

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Gardengal I read your posts and they are helpful to me. Especially the ones that are more scientific.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I don't think this is a spam post. I've seen Kumar ask other questions here on garden web. He did say that he doesn't have a lot of funds, so hiring a pro is probably out of his realm. He may not have noticed all the responses here either.

On another post he was thinking of putting in a badminton court.

He might not be good at communicating. Not everyone is, but 5000 sq ft is over an acre, so that's a LOT to landscape!

I'd probably first tell him to get some goats, let them eat all the weeds, then he would have a blank sheet on which to work.

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oh, the badminton court, yes, I saw that. okay, well . . .

mulch under the trees where it's shady, and grass the rest of the area. Grass has to be weeded, fertilized and mowed, of course though.

as far "ideas" go, yeah, put in a badminton court. Put in a pool. Put in a pergola or a patio or a bocce ball court or a zip line. Ideas are a dime a dozen.

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5,000 s.f, not 50,000 ... about 1/9 A.

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People can contact you via GW email from your profile. We can't see that. Readers like to provide tips, not a complete makeover blueprint for free.

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