What to plant in front of boxwood's?

katrina_ellenJuly 1, 2011

I moved into a house last year that had boxwood bushes in the front yard, placed in a row parallel to the deck in the front of the house. I really like boxwood because it is slow growing and stays neat looking along the deck. The problem is they planted spirea bushes in front of the boxwoods which grow fast and are always taking the light from the boxwoods until I give them a good pruning twice a year. I love the color combo of the boxwood with the yellow-green of the spirea, but I think something that stays low and grows slow would work out better. I would like something that is either a yellow green or a burgandy. The area is west facing and gets mostly sun. I appreciate any suggestions you have - I am new to landscaping and not very familiar with the options. Thanks for any suggestions.

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How about some yellow-ish grasses? They would add color and a beautiful contrast in leaf shape/texture.

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eblin, thanks, I never considered a grass. I was just thinking today that I would like something that would contrast and be different than the bush's. When I was thinking about another bush of some sort it seemed like it was too much the same, then I thought some type of perennial may work better, but never thought of grass's. I will certainly consider that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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If you go with the grass idea, look into blues and yellows...like hakone grass or blue oats grass. They'll both stay shorter than the boxwoods and the colors will complement each other well.

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Thanks anitamo, will put this on my list to check out.

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I second the hakonechloa, if your local garden center feels you'll have success (it can be temperamental).

btw, just in case you ever run into a big-time boxwood geek, the plural of boxwood is boxwood. I thought I was going to get my ears boxed (ha!) for not knowing that once.

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