Best mix for carrots?

winstella(10b los angeles)April 24, 2014

Kids want to grow carrots so I will be sowing some seeds in a 5 gallon bucket. What's the best soil mix for carrots? I have all the ingredients for 5-1-1, plus a few costco sized bags of miracle grow moisture control.

How about fertilizer? Just picked up osmocote indoor outdoor today, also ordered some tomato tone, and I also have miracle grow for tomatoes as well as vigoro citrus avocado, and fish emulsion.

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Avoid a high nitrogen fertilizer with carrots.

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loribee2(CA 9)

There is a container gardening forum on this website. You may also want to ask there. I grew carrots in a wine barrel once. They did pretty well. I just used plain old potting mix.

That moisture control mix by Miracle Grow is a little weird to me. Have you ever seen it soaked? Big gloppy ice cube looking chunks, that may be harmless, but I found it a little startling. I bought a bag at Costco and now use it mostly for ornamentals.

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I didn't figure out what that ice-cube glob is either, but it only seems to have showed up the first time when the soil gets really wet.

OP, you're a good parent to get all those ingredients for the kids. Some adult gardeners don't or can't even get all those things in the first go-around. :-)

Some soil mixes already have fertilizer or plant food, so there is that option also.

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