Looking for pavers - Landscaper fired - Short mat'ls - HELP!

ChefDeysiJuly 30, 2013

We fired our landscaper & are short materials. His response, "Good luck. You will NEVER find these pavers." I have visited 8-10 supply yards in St. Louis. Ninety-five percent say, "Yeah, I know that guy. I refuse to do business with him." A couple places are trying to locate the pavers. The dilemma is they are such an odd size. No one is having any luck. Any leads? HELP!
Small: 5 1/2 x 5 1/2
Med: 5 5/8 x 11 3/8
Large: 11 3/8 x 11 3/8

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Not sure what type "supply yards" you are contacting. Look for paver manufacturer or distribution center in your area.

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Just curious - why did you fire him?

And unless he is chiseling the pavers in his backyard, HE got them from somewhere else! So they are out there somewhere. Try to figure out who the manufacturer is and go on their website.

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If you really can't find them to finish the job, I'd considering buying a different type of paver and make a solid color ring around the fire pit. You might even find pavers in a medallion style to fit the fire out. Then use the ones that were by the fire pit to complete the job. This would require more cutting, but would at least look as though you planned it that way all along.

Maybe this guy somehow stockpiled these particular pavers.


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The hardscape companies I have visited have actually consulted with reps of specific pavers. In other words, I HAVE had manufacturers brought into this mess trying to help.
The closest lead I got was last night...pretty doggone sure it is Midwest Block Co. and discontinued 5-6 yrs ago. I supposed that's why the guy said, "You'll NEVER find these pavers" with such confidence.
Trovesoftrilliums: Your suggestion is something I have been rolling around in my mind. It's not ideal, and it's not what I want; however, it may be the only way.
Jokewing: His name is Keith Gunn of Gunn Landscaping LLC in St. Louis, MO. The job began May 28 & was to be completed by June 7. The weeks continued to pass with little to no work being done, but like fools we continued to give him money as he made promises. If he opened his mouth, lies are the only things that came out. We tried to hang on to just get through the project. He worked all day Mon, July 8 after we hadn't seen him for 12 days & was absolutely as nice as he could be---then asked for $ at the end of the day to "guarantee" XYZ happened the following day at 8a & project completion by Fri. My husband was out of town, & told me to give him the $ to avoid a confrontation. The following day, Tue, he showed up at 3p and XYZ had not occurred. When I questioned him about it, he raised his voice to me. He would not answer my questions & continued to say over & over, "What is your question?!" I finally snapped like a twig and shouted at him. A shouting match ensued. (I have shouted only once in my 45 yrs the day my dog died.) When I told my husband what had happened, he called Keith and fired him. Keith did not understand why. My husband told him NO ONE speaks to or treats his wife the way he did. He told him he was not welcome on our property & he could keep the money we had paid him. The two day laborers Keith hired on Craigslist were shocked & tried to console me. They indicated they had never seen anyone speak to a client that way & that they would not work for him. Whether they did or did not, I don't know. You should know we have gutted and totally rehabbed three 90-100 yr old homes, including landscaping. We have NEVER had trouble working with anyone....until we met Keith Gunn. Now we are screwed because out patio can't be completed with the same product.

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Well, I would take out some of the completed work and 're-design' and re-work the rest with whatever available product exists...like trovesoftrilliums suggested. You are screwed if you let keith gunn continue to ruin your world. I like what you've got so far and bet someone can make that work.

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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

I'm with trovesoftrilliums , using the dark colored pavers that you bordered the patio with outline the perimeter of the fire ring.
You might even find that using a cut granite stone border around the ring would be a nice compliment , though a lot more pricey. A Less expensive option would be poured inplace colored concrete.

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There is the possibility that you swallow your pride, forgive the past friction without assigning blame, put some band-aids on the relationship and just try to get the job finished. After the work is done, you can resume your dislike for the man to your heart's content. Even if he's not the greatest sub for you now, it looks like the work he's doing is decent and you've said he can be nice. So consider patching it up for the short term and just getting past this unpleasant episode ... but with a patio finished as you originally intended for it to be.

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I would not trust the guy to finish the project. He probably doesn't have enough product to complete the work. I would use something different as an accent or how about a raised flower bed or bench somewhere around the edge? Someone else recently posted a patio with the medallions and they were very pretty.

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Work begins tomorrow to complete the patio and remaining beds around the yard. We are adding a two paver border, then the dark charcoal existing brick around the entire patio in order to have sufficient pavers to finish the hole. We NEVER found the pavers. The new border will match perfectly in color, but will be off slightly in size. I think it will look even better than originally planned!

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Glad to read this ChefDeysi. Please let us see the end result.

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