Recomend a tree for shade cover for a driveway

frumchkinJuly 20, 2010

I am looking for a tree type recommendation for Zone 7, Long Island (temp extremes are 110F to -30F).

Since i turned my garage into a workshop I park my car outside. Being on Long Island there is plenty of sun so I was thinking of planting a tree that would provide leaf cover within a few years.

Picture of the drive and where I plan to plant the tree.

What tree would provide enough shade cover in minimal years and would stay that way?

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Which direction does the house face?

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Well: that's bizarre. I posted my embarrassed realization that the OP's photo was a satellite view, and therefore the house faces south.

I saw the entire thread with both my posts -- and noted that there were two minutes between my posts.

Now the second post is no longer there.

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Driveway does face south so the tree would get maximum amount of sun. Hopefully the tree and not the cars.

P.S. typed that before, must've pasted the picture over that.

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Are you OK with a large tree? Or would you prefer a medium-sized tree?

To me, the main requirements are: Fast to medium grower; doesn't make too bad a mess; and strong/decently strong structure and growth pattern. I would assume that on Long Island, nor'easters and the occasional 'cane would blow a good wind.

Does anyone have any opinions on this? London Planetrees grow quite quickly and are large, but I don't personally think they provide the best shade.

An Oak would be wonderful in that spot. They grow medium-fast. What do you think about an oak tree?

A red maple could be nice, too.

Don't do silver maple, as tempting as it is. You will forever regret it.

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I am impatient. You can plant a small tree, and sell the house before it reaches a decent size. I moved a 27 foot tall Colorado Blue Spruce from across the street by hiring a 90 inch spade tree mover. I looked up 'tree movers', and asked my local nurserys and arboretums to find a tree mover. I am a novice tree person, but it worked for me. Also, an easier way is to buy one at a nursery, they have some bigger trees they will plant for you for a fee. Go big = more shade and enjoyment.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

No locust, they drop sap. Not a tulip poplar or a flowering pear, they drop limbs. No Ash, the Emerald Ash Borer is on the move, killing all Ash.
Sorry for just "No" answers. How about a car port? A trellised one with vines.

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Not sure why some people have excellent luck with tulip poplars being strong and others don't. I have never known them to have weak wood at all. Of all the fast growing trees out there, it is one of the best.

It's not good for that site, though...aphids often attack it every summer and drop honeydew all over, to the point that it looks like it is raining black goo.

Oak or Red maple would really be best if you're looking for a large tree.

I also have never known a honey locust to drop sap.

Moving a 20' tree would most likely not be your best bet...there is a high failure rate for moving and transplanting such large trees.

There are some other medium sized, slightly more obscure trees that you would likely find in a local nursery. I would suggest going to the tree forum - they will be able to help you out more than we would.

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Having the tree on the east side of the driveway would not give you afternoon shade and that's when you need it the most. Look at the shadows of the cars - the tree shadow will be the same.

Trees along the east edge of the driveway would give afternoon shade, and they don't need to be huge ones, just ones with a spreading canopy.

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How about a Kwanzan cherry tree?

I found a picture of it...

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