very much new to containers need some input

tumblingtomatoesSeptember 6, 2011

Hi all,

I am hoping to start a few containers as the weather cools a bit (well, I sure hope it cools soon-these temps in the 90's are awful!)

Need some very basic gardening 101 Newbie advice on what to use for growing medium/soil for containers-have seen the Ocean Forest mix (I think that's what it's called) from Fox Farm Fertilizers, have seen Miracle Grow & similar stuff, Jungle Growth, Some sort of FLorida Mix in a black bag at a local nursery, etc......& need some advice on what to use.

Would like to grow swiss chard, purselane, an assortment of lettuces, mustard (tendergreen), baby bok choi,small cukes, pole beans, sugar snap type peas, 7 top turnip greens, tuscan kale, maybe some beets or carrots, a few herbs, like curled parsley, lemon basil, catnip, hyssop, agastache,thyme,oregano & some tomatoes & Nardello peppers (I was wondering about 'grow bags' for these last two?)?

Any & all advice/input is greatly appreciated! The containers would be on a small red brick patio near our small screened in patio in our small yard, good amount of sun much of the day, some shade in afternoon.

Thanks a bunch!

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

You may want to check with the "Florida Forum" some of your neighbors may be of the most help.

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I switched this year to grow bags and things couldn't be better. I don't have a regular garden bed to grow in, plus my sunny area's change through out the year, hence grow bags. I bought several different ones to try out, and the winners go to the thicker ones with handles. The thinner one's top rim always rolls over and gets in the way when watering, plus as the shadows have moved I just pick up the bags and move them. For my situation they have worked better than anything else I have tried. This year has been the best year, and a big part of that goes to the soil in my containers, I switched to a 5-1-1 mix. Look it up on here, I highly recommend it. My herbs I did put in plastic pots since they will be in them for awhile, big herb big pot, small herb small pot, all on rollers so that I can move them also as the sun moves, plus I used Al's Gritty Mix since they are long term plants.

Best of luck,


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