Avocado leaves curling down

jododoSeptember 7, 2013

Hey, i'm new to this forum, not sure it is the righht section but here i go...

I have a problem with my avocado tree ( grown from seeds ). I actually have 2 of them, one is doing good. The other one is doing good also, growing and everything but i have a problem with leaves curling down... Tought it didnt have enough light so i hadded lights, i water frequently without overwatering... Checked for root rot nothing... I really don't know why the leaves are doing that. For a week, i moist the leaves daily... Btw, no leaves turning yellow or brown, no dropping leaves...

I've joined a picture so you can see.

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J...you know the chances of getting edible fruit from an ungrafted tree is slim....right? Anyway, your leaves are fine. They often roll to protect themselves from sun, etc.

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Yeah i know, i'm not growing it for fruits... Mostly for the fun of getting it from seed etc... Just experimenting ;)

Probably on the wrong board tought...

For the avocado leaves... It doesn't get that much sun ( only one light for it )... Idk, i'll continue experimenting with it and try to find out what is wrong.

The other one have perfect leaves, only 2 full grown, about 5 growing at the top :) just need to pinch in again cuz it doesnt look like it wants to form branches

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Very common for the leaves to do this.
What size container, what kind of potting mix?


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The pot is a terracota pot, 8'' diameter, 6-7'' deep.

Soil is about 30% perlite, 10 % cactus mix, 60% potting mix.

Used a bit of what i had left, didnt really know what to do when i repotted it...

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