Whoops - what do you do when you messed up?

squirrelspur(6B/7A NC)March 26, 2008

Hi I recently sent my part of a trade and some of the seeds were bad (I didn't know). I sent some commercial cowpea seeds that had some bean weevil damage and so they weren't good to plant. I also sent some seeds I had collected (squash) and they weren't viable - this was the first time I had collected squash seed and next time I'll be more careful and look up viable seed information the first time I collect seeds (the squash had matured on the vine so I assumed the seed were ok).

Other than replacing the seed (the company that sent the seeds with the weevil damage is sending me a replacement package) and I am ordering new squash seed from a reputable commercial source and apologizing, what else do you do? I think this person is pretty mad at me since she sent me 3 links about bean weevil damage to emphasize the point.

Help! I don't want to be a bad trader.

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It sounds like you did the right things. You let your trader know that there was a problem with the seeds and offered to make good on it. I don't what else you can do.

It's not like you intentionally sent bad seeds. You could have also been irresponsible and not told them about it. Don't sweat it too much.

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

EVERYONE makes mistakes,this is how we learn! Some folks look at mistakes as a bad thing,but as long as you learn from it,it is a great thing! I would definitley make it up to this person. Check his/her want list and send along something else fabulous they have been wanting. You have done the right thing ,by informing,apologizing and replacing. There is not much more you can do. Bad traders do not make up for what they did wrong,good traders do. Don't worry about it too much,and like I said a nice bonus can go along way! I havent met a seed addict yet that cant be calmed down with a great bonus seed..lol....

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

since she sent me 3 links about bean weevil damage to emphasize the point.
Don't read or assume too much from that. It is quite likely that she is wanting to be helpful and informative.

Try not to worry...you are making it right...and I'm sure in time she will be quite pleased with the extra mile you have gone to to be a 'good' trader. We all have to learn as we go here to an extent.
I goofed once in sending out butterfly bush seeds. They had not opened yet, and the seeds I kept never did open.
I also have rec butterfly bush that was all chaff...no sign of any of the blooms having made seed pods.
I likely may have in the past sent out Hibiscus seeds with bugs in them...hope not, but might have.
I'm sure others can add things here that they have happened to learn along the way.

Happy Trading!

Sue...resident busy body

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squirrelspur(6B/7A NC)

Well I didn't id the seeds as bad, the trader that received them did. Because I didn't know what bean weevil damage looked like or that it made a seed non-viable. But I will replace and have informed them that I would do it.

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Thats all you can do and more than likely Sue is right,she sent the info so you would be informed. I doubt this person thinks you sent her bean weevils on purpose! I dont know if they are anything like the ones I found in hibiscus seed,but there was no way of knowing they were there until they emerged. I assume they lay an egg in the seed while it is still soft and emerge when the shell has hardened,so therefore the person sending them would have no idea they were in there,I didnt until they chewed their way out!
Replacing them is the right thing to do,and I am betting this person is not upset with you at all,we are gardeners and we all know bugs happen! ;)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

we are gardeners and we all know bugs happen! ;)

Yes...see bug thread.....

Sue...gettin nothing done today but packin seeds

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Don't worry about it! : ) I know a heck of a lot about collecting and saving seeds, but I'm more than willing to admit I've sent some non-viable seed out in the past when I didn't know better. As said above, I don't think anyone would think you did it on purpose. They probably sent multiple links to let you know they weren't making up I assume.
What you are doing is very nice! I don't expect anyone to send new seed if they realize they made a mistake. If I get a pkg. it is a great surprise.
I don't understand about the squash seed though. With squash, if the squash is ripe, the seed is ready to be harvested. There maybe some seeds that aren't fertile; they will be flat and bend easy. Good ones will be plump. Now, squash isolation is a whole nother ball of wax.

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