Spacing of patio pavers

aloha2009July 28, 2013

Does anyone know the most comfortable spacing of pavers for a path? I'd like a narrow walkway anywhere from 24-36" wide with spacing between the pavers for ground cover.

Is there a formula that if I use an 18" paver, the recommendation is to have 4" between the pavers (I want some space for ground cover). I'm open for sizing of the paver but wanted some guidelines to work with.

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I don't use segmented paving (not saying I never will) but if I did, the first thing I'd make sure was that the stride was right for the intended purpose. How will people walk on this path ... like they're getting from point A to point B? Or like they are purposely lollygagging? Whatever the most likely speed of walking, I'd figure out the measurement of the stride and match the paver spacing to it. (Walk that speed, mark where your toe hits, and measure the distance from toe to toe. You might make several tries and cross reference them.) Doing it this way, you will not constantly be annoyed at how the pavers don't correspond to the actual walking.

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The path will be a straight no nonsense path from our main patio to the firepit. We'll have hydrangeas on one side and some kind of bush (possibly spireas, evergreens, phlox or whatever on the sunny side.Though it's a secondary path, it will be quite visible from the main patio so I need to have it look very pretty. I've never been fond of segmented paving (never heard that term before) but it seems like the best thing for this application.

I will take your suggestion one step further and test different height individuals for . I'll check myself (5'3"), my DH (5'8") and SIL(6'1") and hopefully there ends up being a small range that seems appropriate.

Thanks for your help!

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