Patio borders...I'm stumped

joannembJuly 18, 2010

I have 2 beds that border my patio that desperately need landscaping. I ripped out the hostas that were there, and thought I might plant a nice dense border of endless summer hydrangeas. Here is a picture of the newly planted shrubs.

The area under the window is about 4ft. deep, and to the right, it comes back a bit more---6ft.

Well, the area faces west and gets full afternoon sun (5-6 hours) and I think it is too much for these little darlings. I'm planning on moving them elsewhere, which once again leaves me with a blank slate here.

I will tell you that I like the look of English gardens, love boxwood hedges filled with flowers, lean toward formal landscaping---(please don't stop reading because I said the f word though! lol) --- I guess formal in the way of liking mass plantings of one flower and lean toward monochromatic or analogous color schemes.

I was thinking possibly a short boxwood hedge in front (right along the edge of the patio) and then behind it some fabulous showy flower that would give me height and fullness spilling out over the hedge so to speak. Annabelle hydrangeas came to mind---but they would only fit on the right side --then I'd need something low under the window since I don't want to block it too much.

Roses also came to mind, but I would want full shrub type roses, and EASY is a requirement because I'm a novice. Maybe a trellis for height on the right side?

Lastly here is the other little side bed. I think these hydrangeas might be too puny here---although they were just planted and are supposed to get 2'x2'---still I might need something else there (or I could move them too.)

Thank you for any suggestions/help!

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Why do you think they are getting too much sun? Are they scalding or wilting a lot? And where do you live/what zone?

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They wilt every day in the hot midday sun. They perkback up in the evening but look awful for most of the day.... I am in zone 5b cleveland

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sleepy33(5b KS)

I'd leave them be for now, if it were me. Most likely, they are drooping because they haven't developed an extensive root system yet in their new location. They look in great health in your photo, and transplanting them again in this heat is only going to hurt them. If you haven't already, mulch heavily around the base of the plants to help keep the roots cool and hold in the moisture after you water/it rains.

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use black net to decrease sun light to 30%,keep moist.

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I'm in Cleveland too! I would leave them. I see these type of hydrangeas growing all the time in almost full sun. Most likely, they are wilting during the day because they are fairly newly transplanted. For example, my butterfly bushes wilted almost everyday even though I watered them, for about a month. Same with a crabapple I got. You should be fine. And like it was said, transplanting them right now is not good. I would seriosuly leave them. They look absolutely beautiful there.

Your house is beautiful and nice gardens. It looks like you must live somewhere on the east side. Keep up the good work!

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I just realized.... you must think the pictures with the boxwoods are of MY garden! I WISH! I put those in there to explain the look that I am drawn to... boxwoods surrounding a flowering shrub. I'm on the west side.... maybe SOME day my gardens will resemble those if I'm lucky (and win the lottery! lol)

I wasn't planning on moving the hydrangeas till Spring, but after all of the comments---I think I just may leave them be for a year or two and see how they do! Thanks for all of your input----and my husband also appreciates it! lol----Just when he thought I was done with the patio, I turn it into another project (the fence) and have yet another blank slate to start with (which to him means dollar signs.) :)

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