Buddy just left and I miss him already.

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)March 8, 2010

Tues 2-22 a little dog showed up here and made it clear onto the carport without my other 3 furbabies either running him off, or alerting me. He was skinny and limping, so I decided to feed him and just take it a day at a time. If I didn't find the owner I was secretly hoping that BF might want him when he saw him the following weekend 2-27 (Sat).

Well, Buddy, as he was being called on 2-27 (Sat) had absolutely no energy, or personality and would just lay there and sleep, get up and hobble a few feet and lay down and sleep some more. BF decided Buddy was not the dog for him. I had to admit, little Buddy at that time, had the personality of a rock!

2-28 (Sun) I put an announcement of the local Freecycle, complete with his pic, looking for the owner. I didn't really think there was a previous owner wanting him, as he had no collar. I checked the newspaper and also with the local shelter.

3-1 (Mon) He was starting to make himself quite at home, thinking of the couch as his. How could I not let him up on it? Here he is with 'his' bear.

3-1 (Mon) I got an email from a Freecycle member who said that if Buddy was not claimed that she would welcome giving him a loving home. After asking a few questions and the member answering them to my liking, I decided that her home sounded good for Buddy.

3-2 (Tues) I took Buddy to the vet. A couple of pads on his front paws were injured (ice damage the vet said) and I wanted him healed up and to have his shots before going to a new home or back to his owner if he was claimed. The vet said he needed to wear an Elizabethen collar until his pads healed as he was keeping them raw by licking them. I talked to Buddy's new Mommy (she called to see what the vet said, bless her heart) and we decided she could have Buddy the next day.

Well the night of 3-2 (Tues) neither Buddy or I got much sleep with him wearing that big old collar. I decided he needed a couple of days here where he was starting to get familiar with things to adjust to the collar. We made plans for 3-5 (Fri) for Buddy to go to his new home, but those plans fell through and we rescheduled for 3-8 (Mon).

By 3-4 (Thurs) he was feeling a lot more comfortable with his collar, as shown here on the couch.

3-6 (Sat) BF came down again, and Buddy was all over him, wanting to frolic and play and wanted to lay beside him on the couch. BF couldn't believe the transformation in Buddy, and I think sort of regreted not agreeing to take him.

3-8 (Mon) I was supposed to meet Buddy's new Mom at 4 today, but she called, was in the area, and asked if she could stop by and get him early. I agreed to her picking him up, not particularly wanting to drive into town later to meet her.

Buddy barked and wagged his tail when he saw his new Mommy again. She picked up Buddy, and seemed so happy to see Buddy had more life to him than when she had seen him briefly last Fri. Buddy and his belongings left just a bit ago, and I miss him already. Already having 3 furbabies, I 'knew' keeping Buddy was just not an option (I know where to draw the line and can't keep all strays). It was amazing though how attached I got to him, knowing he was not mine and that he would be going to a new home.

His new Mommy told me she would keep me posted on how he gets along and will send pics. I sure hope Buddy isn't too confused for too long and that he settles in quickly with his new family.

Isn't he sweet looking?


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mrs.b_in_wy(5a WY)

Awww. What a sweet-looking baby. It was so good of you to take him and find a home for him. I'd like to keep them all, too. Why is it that some of the decisions we make - that really are for the best - are the ones that hurt so much?

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rane_grow(7 soMD)

Sue , you are a hero for taking that little pup in,tending to his injuries and finding him a good home ... I have tears in my eyes reading this , it also reminds me of a puppy my son and I found wandering a busy road in Jacksonville, FL near a little corner store close to our house , this was many years ago, 1999, she was a young boxer pup, maybe 4 months old, we put up signs all over the neighborhood , a week later noone had claimed " Sally Southpaw " , we named her that cause she shook hands with her left paw , well we already had 2 cats and with everyone working full time and my son in middle school at the time we decided we couldn't keep her, I put her in for adoption at Petsmart , half hoping nobody would adopt her ... when we went to Petsmart later that day to pick her up we found out she had indeed been adopted by a young couple with another young boxer who needed a canine companion ... boy did we cry all the way home missing our " Sally Southpaw "


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I'd like to keep them all, too.
I have 3 big furbabies now, and one is a pup that just showed up here last June like Buddy did recently.

This is Ellie, about 3 months old when she arrived here late one night last June.

boy did we cry all the way home missing our " Sally Southpaw "
It's funny how we come to think of them as ours knowing we will hopefully be finding them a new good home.

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perennialfan273(zone 5)

Sue, all your little babies are so sweet, and you are such an amazing and inspiring person that you take in all these strays and find such loving homes for them.

God bless you

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What a story. He is so cute. He looks just like a miniature version of my Creton who died over a year ago. I can see why you miss him.
Sorry, I haven't written you back. I was in Florida visiting my father and I've been so busy ever since. Things are finally calming down a bit.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I'll be brief (can you believe that?)
I was in an awful funk last week (cried), missing Buddy and worrying about him since his new Mom didn't reply to my emails or return my calls.

Well I found out this AM that Buddy's new Mom can't keep him and she is bringing him back at noon today. I honestly had tears of joy, while talking to her and making arrangements for him to come back here. All is well with him, she just found out that he much prefers to be outside and she doesn't have the time to give him the attention he needs.

I've changed my mind about not being able to keep him, plus BF also said he would have loved to have had him and that I should have never let him go.

Whoo-Hoo...I've got all the time in the world to give him as we 'play' outside all day everyday.

Will post new pics later today. I'm just so happy, happy, happy!


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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Awww Sue! Good for you (and Buddy!) I like that this story has a happy ending!!

Wendy / sassyb.

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hehehe very cute little guy. What kind of dog do you think he is?

My daughter brought home a "stray dog" last spring and the longer I spent looking for his owner, the more I was kind of hoping nobody would claim him because I was getting attached. He had such a lovable personality. We already had two dogs though. I posted ads, took him to the vet to have him checked for a chip and spent hours looking on the internet to see if anyone was looking for him since he turned up right after a bad thunderstorm and I really thought he might be a runaway.
I put stray dog in quotes above because I found out months later that he wasn't really a stray after all. My daughter who's in highschool set the whole thing up. She had a friend who was moving and couldn't take her dog with her. She knew I'd say "no more dogs" if she asked, so she "found" him out in our field. She even rubbed mud on his fur to make him look more like a stray, then brought him to the house and asked if we could feed him and take care of him for a few days until we found the owner. So of course we still have him. : )

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That's great news!!!

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mrs.b_in_wy(5a WY)

I have a dopey smile on my face from reading your post. I'm so glad to hear how it worked out :)

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Sounds like you were supposed to be his Mommy after all : )

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awww Buddy & Ellie are so cute!
Im glad you got Buddy back.:)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


Here is Buddy with a few new toys from the Goodwill. They were selling them $3.50 for a large bag. I sorted out the age inappropriate ones, and put some 'up' for him to have some new ones later on.

He and Ellie liked the pink monkey with the long arms and legs the best. They play tug of war with it and the monkey has since lost his tail and an arm.

Just exhausted...

Not long after getting Buddy back and getting him settled in to his new home here, Ellie disappeared. I was devastated, and put the word out everywhere in the hope of finding her. I spent 2-3 hours daily for a week, looking for her and talking to people for miles around, telling of a reward and giving out my phone number. I was horribly depressed, thinking about what 'might' have happened to her.

All of a sudden, one night I looked out at 3 AM, and there she was on the front porch, just like she had never left.
I brought her in and hugged her and cried. She was in good shape and wasn't even hungry. In fact she looked like she may have gained a little weight. I really think she was probably stolen and being held for a reward and that she somehow managed to escape. She has been quite the Houdini escape artist here.

Here she is just moments after her arrival back home after her week of traveling.

Here she is wet and muddy and not satisfied being confined to the tiled areas of the house.

I've sure had a lot of doggie woes this year.


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Buddy looks very happy in his forever home. I'm so glad to hear that Ellie's back home. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that someone had Ellie but they might not have done it for devious reasons. Some people, especially kids, see an animal and just bring it home not considering that it might be someone's pet. Maybe they didn't hear about your search for her.

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You're so lucky to get Ellie back. Don't you wish she could tell you what happened! I would watch her very closely for awhile in case they come back to get her again.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

So sweet. We donate to Cat welfare and go pet the sad cats. Can you imagine throwing a cat toy and 30 cats taking off after that. I have two cats myself.

I found out the other day that my ex told my parents that if it was between him and that cats, the cats would win. Well, he got one thing right.

My three grown kids have been brought up to love animals and love the cats.

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Wow Sue you got lucky getting Ellie back.they look so cute with there toys :)
LOL bakemom thats so funny! my ex use to say that about my dog rocky! haha. yea he was right too!

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When I first started dating my now DH he wasn't a big animal lover. We decided to move in together and I made it quite clear that my cat and I were a package deal. My sweet kitty lived for 29 years and DH grew to love her. Not only that but we have what would probably be considered a menagerie now with cats, dog, bird, rat, hamsters, sugar gliders, chinchillas, tree frogs, geckos, rabbits and fish. I can't say that he loves them all as much as I do but he tolerates them. lol

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kathy645(4 VT)

Hi Sue, I got a Buddy this week and revisited your post. I was really surprised to see your pics (didn't remember them) and that you had gotten him back. Anyway, my Buddy came from our local shelter and he's about 7 months old, probably mostly English Springer Spaniel. He was neutered last week, but it didn't slow him down any. Here's two pics if I can figure out how to post.

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