I recommend Sue!

dan_the_mailmanMarch 26, 2008

Just wanted to give a public thank you to Chemocurl, otherwise known as Sue, otherwise known as the local busybody (her words, not mine), for helping me out today. I couldn't get my email to work on here, but she got it going for me.

Thanks Sue!


p.s. BTW, do you do weeding too? (ROFLMAO)

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Sue is the bomb-diggity!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

you guys got me blushin now.

No email addy link is a real pet peeve of mine. It really makes things hard on folks when they can't be reached via their member page.

I even started my own "rant" thread on it at Seed Conversations. Please, I hope no one is offended by my rant. We were all newbies and learning at one time...well, not all at one time actually.

Dan, don't be surprised if this maybe gets moved to to the Conversation side here...many 'non trade' posts do get moved. Stop and see us all over there. There is a lot to be learned, and a bunch of us are getting quite chatty here lately.

Sue...resident busy body who does not weed for others as she is to busy digging out Ornithogalum Umbellatum-aka Star of Bethlehem bulb -aka sob-aka Flower from Hell every spring as long as the foliage is still visible...but that is another rant!

Here is a link that might be useful: No email link on members pages-no way to email them

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Of course she is! This place would fall apart if it werent for Sue!
Angie, Sue's drbb,who hasnt been doing her job lately...lol..

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that is soooo true!! she is the only person i could think of to contact when i got booted for no reason!! and she helped me!! ((big hugs)) LOL she's soooo awesome!!!

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So, Sue, I take it that you won't be helping me to do my weeding this spring??? (face shining with an innocent grin)
So tell me something, how do I convince you guys to send me some of that Flower from Hell? otherwise known as the Star of Bethlehem? I happen to LIKE invasive flowers (they make mowing the lawn a VERY simple chore! hehehe), and after googling the S of Bs, I'd like to get a patch started. So, when you've got some of them dug up, could I send you a bubbly envelope for you to insert some bulbs? I once tried to get some from one of my older sisters, but she wouldn't give me any because they were invasive. Picture that! Denying me flowers for my yard for the very reason I wanted them! hehehe
Anyway, it's time for me to get to bed. My cats will be in here soon telling me to get to sleep because I've got to go to work in the morning. They can be EXTREMELY bossy, but that's another rant, eh?
Take care y'all, and we'll see you later in the funny pages!


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I'm sorry, but I likely would not even send them to my worst enemy...well maybe a known scammer I would...lol. It is hard to believe these things were introduced into this country. The field is just green with them. Here is a pic of how they come up everywhere. They are so thick in places that there are more bulbs than there is topsoil...thus grass will not grow.

The bright green is sob. The kind of bluish green is wild onions. Note...there is NO grass. It is on a little bank by the front yard woods. I have been working each spring to try and get them back farther and farther from the woods line. That is the last thing I want/need in there with all the blasted introduced invasive honey suckle.

Dan..sounds like your sister might be digging the sob each spring too. I work at it until the foliage fades out of site...usually late May when it can no longer be seen in an existing bed. I lose 2-3 of the best gardening months each year to digging the blasted things. Thus...I am always trying to play catchup with everything outside. Whiiiiiine....
Say Goodnight Irene.

Sorry...you got me on a rant...you will think that must be all I do...plus pester members about not having email links. I oughtta keep track of how may I find daily...just for fun.


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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

LOL! Poor Sue! You are the most amazing resident BB anyone could possibly have! *grin* Ya know, I'd bet that Angie has the address of that particular person... a little anonymous gift? Hey.. it could work...hehe


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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Sue you can do a daily check in, like at the ws forum!:)

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Hi Dan...Welcome to the "group"..boy are you in for some fun, and laughs...glad to see you "fit" right in..

just FYI, Diane is offering these plants you are crazy enough to want on the plant exchange forum...I wanted them when I first met Sue, and now I wont plant them.

Something you might want to try, is planting them inside of a pot, that you remove the bottom of...to make a boundary around the bulbs...put bottomless pot, and bulbs in the ground, they wont be able to spread..and cut off the flower stems BEFORE they go to seed.

Well, just wanted to say "welcome" to this wonderful group of people, and I hope to trade with you sometime ! Stop by the winter sowing thread when you get a chance....lots of fun going on there also...

If your lucky Angie will show you her "jugs" LMAO

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

...lol.. :D Yeah Dan ,I posted pics of them at the ws forum...lol.

pssst,Kym,good way to lure him over...lol.

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We will "eat him up" um...I mean get him all caught up in winter sowing, and make him as addicted as the rest of us...um...I mean...the rest of YOU....LMBO !!

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Sue has been a great help to many people here and I would like to thank her for all she does.
I have a patch of Star of Bethlehem thats about 25 feet by 50 feet and an probably one of the few that likes them.
There sort of like grape hyacinths. They bloom early and are very pretty and die back quickly when the weather gets warm.

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Okay, so not only do I get to talk with you all about gardening, but I get to see Angie's jugs, and you're all going to eat me up? Funny, I thought those forums were elsewhere on the internet. Not that I'd ever go there, just heard about them, you understand, right? hehehe You do believe me, right? Right? Hey! Someone answer me!!!
Hmmm, less than two weeks on the gardenweb, and I'm already addicted. To quote Martha..."It's a good thing!" Think she ever said that while she was serving her time in the big house? LOL!
Oh, and just what kind of sowing are we gonna be doing this winter? That's when I usually do my sewing. Yes, I sew. That wasn't a typo. You'll find out quickly that I'm full of surprises. Or, is that just full of it? Well, either way, I think I'm gonna fit in with all of you! LMAO
Now, as for the sob, I fully understand that it'll be invasive, and hard to get rid of. That's what I'm looking for. I have a patch of ground next to my driveway where nothing survives because the dirt is shallow (large maple tree roots beneath it) and is constantly getting run over. So, something that's hardy and flowers would be great right there.
Okay, a couple more things, then I'm gonna go check out Diane, and the winter sowers. First, does LMBO mean someone lost her boobs? hehehe And secondly, we're supposed to say goodnight to Irene, so here it goes.....


(wolfish grin and maniacal laughter)

(more maniacal laughter)

(still more maniacal laughter)

(passing out from a loss of oxygen...................)

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Dan....LMBO....you are just a riot...BTW that mean laughing my butt off...I dont think many here would want to laugh there boobs off...LOL

If you lost all of your oxygen...then I would feel really sad, cause you wont be posting on here anymore..

You never know what kind of forum you are going to be on..be careful..LOL

So, why cant you sow seeds in the winter and sew at the same time ?? You just have to join us winter sowers !!!! If you are as addicted to gardening as you say you are, then you MUST winter sow...

Ok, good night Irene..see you tomorrow...( and no im not gonna share MY jugs..)

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Dan! ...lol...you are a riot! You must check out winter sowing! It is absolutley wonderful and you can also do this through the spring,summer and fall! You will love it I am sure!
And Kym it is only fair if you are going to ask others to see their jugs, that you show us yours!...lol...

Nite Nite Irene!

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Oh Angie, I think after he sees your "jugs" he wont be interested in anyone elses...ROFLMBO !!!

Really...I wish someone would of told me sooner about winter sowing...it is just the best !

BTW Angie, did you notice Dan likes to talk to himself..must run in the "family"...LOL

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Okay, I'm breathing again. I'm also laughing so much I'm almost falling out of the chair.
I did go to the ws forum last night, but never saw Angie's jugs. ;( How do I get to see them?
And, as far as talking to myself, how do you all know I'm alone in here? Maybe I'm talking to me and me and me... one never truly knows, do they? hehehe
All right, on a more "serious" note, some of the voices are telling me to get to work. Slavedrivers!

and, Irene? Good-night!

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All this talk of jugs is making me feel like I'm at a strip club for gardeners. Can I get some $1's please?


Happy Friday follks!

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

LOL...no Diana,I only will accept seeds as tips thanks...lol..

Here is a link to my jugs Dan! Have fun! ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Angie's jugs!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Here is a link to my jugs
Heck...you aren't just an enabler, but you are also Anal!

Sue...LMAO...what fun my little Kiley (9 month old pup) would have with all those jugs!

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

lol...very anal,you should see me planting seeds...lol..wonder why it takes me so long? I put each and everyone in the way it is suppoosed to go,grab the gallardia seed by the hairs with a pair of tweezers and ease it on into the soil,one by one...lol..
Yes when my Deeogee was still here ,he would sneak over to them and look over his shoulder to see if I was watching,who knows what he had in mind!...lol..and if he was still a pup,I could only imagine jugs being picked up ,shaken and thrown...lol..

You must share pics of Kiley!!! You must! You must!!!

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Diane, I bet Angie is use to getting tips...LOL

I am so glad this side of the board has "livened"up, even if it is US..LOL

Sue, I didnt know you have a puppy, I wanna see too !!

Dan, you just werent looking in the right places, dont cha know where Angies jugs are ?? LMBO !!

Did we get you interested in WS ?? huh, huh ??

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Nope! No tips here! I am under paid and over worked...lol...
It is nice to have life over here,we got to make sure it stays this way!;)
Sue better not keep that puppy all to herself! How could she keep her from us like that?...lol...
Dan,read up on ws'ing,and make sure you visit the winter sown website,you will burst at the amount of info available there. I have a ton of sprouts already and I am very impressed of the appearance of the seedlings,no weaklings there! Even some of my annuals that sprouted are doing well,and it takes up no space inside! I have noticed when putting garbage out,we have alot less,we dont recycle plastic in my community (Isnt that strange?),so it is nice to put all these jugs and such to some good use. Also I save all my cardboard boxes,like from pop or cereal,I use those for dividers when sowing more than one type of seed per container,it is so nice to put 1/2 the amount out on garbage night!:) Than there is the ws community,such a great group of people always willing to share what they know to help you be successful,they are there to encourage you when in doubt and right there to congratulate you when you succeed!! I have learned so much there that has been a ton of help not only in ws'ing,but all around!

Ok if all of this and showing you my jugs doesnt convince you,than you are a lost cause...lol...Dan I am happy you joined us,it seems as if you have been here for years already! :)

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Dan.....ANGIE called you a lost cause, it wasnt ME !!

( just wanted to make sure you dont confuse us..LMAO)

I am soo hooked on the winter sowing forum, I dont get a thing done..LOL Between there, and the seed exchange, I am so afraid I am missing something...ok, ok, I am soo addicted..BUT atleast my jugs arent anal..they are lucky to be outside...and I didnt even start checking them till two weeks ago..ahhhhh.....they do take up almost half of my porch, and you have to be careful going out the door..Id hate for you to kick one of my babies !!

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

lol...I didnt say he was a lost cause,I said if he isnt convinced he is!:D

My containers are outside,I just bring the ones in with sprouts and check them real good,gawk at them is more like it...lol..and make any adjustments it looks like it may need,like pushing the radical roots down,that I am very anal about,I am so afraid the cold will get those new little roots and do them in,so I tuck them in!:)

I havent been out to check today,it is over cast ,wet and chilly,so I doubt anything is happening today,thats OK,I have seeds to sow inside anyway...lol...see Dan what happens is you are already addicted to gardening,than you discover seed trading ,and than it's all over from there! It gets much worse,because now you have access to a ton of really cool seeds and so much more fun than buying them online, from the store or at the nursery! And besides,you wont find us at the nursery!...lol...

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Okay, I looked up the definition of addiction. Here it is:
ADDICTION - 1. A compulsive physiological and psychological need for a habit-forming substance 2. The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something.

Seems to me that we all qualify in both ways!

To answer some of your questions...
Yes, I've checked out the winter sowing forum, and it does look very intriguing! We're gonna have some long talks about it, I'm sure!
Angie, you've got very nice jugs. Don't let anyone say otherwise.
I already knew I was a lost cause when it came to gardening, I just wasn't talking yet to the rest of you inmates! And now that I am? Well, let's just say I'm pleased as punch to be a part of this group! Nurse Ratchet hasn't got a chance against us! (fyi, she was the nurse in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)

Today I had something happen that I wanted to share with you all. I was almost done with my route, driving along the road between a couple of cherry orchards, when I saw a fox. He ran into the road, being chased by a very irate raven. He was beautiful, a nice red color tinged with just a hint of orange. He also didn't seem to care much about the raven, pretty much ignoring it as it flew over him. When the raven was gone, he sauntered back into the orchard where he stood for a few minutes, listening to the sounds of Nature, before walking off into the mist. I'm telling you guys, it was SOOO COOL! I love living in a place where I can see things like this once in awhile! When more things like this happen to me, I'll be sure to share them with all of you.

Oh, before I go, I wanted to let you know I added an entry to my "Confessions" tonight. I'm not sure where I'm going with that thread, but it's nice to be able to write my thoughts out for the world to see.

You all have yourselves a great weekend, and I'm sure we'll see one another dropping in here from time to time over the next few days.

Have fun digging Diana! I'll give the S.o.Bs a good place to grow! hehehe



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Dan..seeing the fox must of been really neat !! I have been finding coyote footprints in the snow in the yard, and the other day as I drove by the neighbors, he was standing ontop of a mound of dirt..playing king of the mountain, it was soo neat !!! SOo, I know how you were feeling, nature is just soo awesome.

Ok...well have a wonderful weekend...look forward to reading more...BTW there is blogs on here, BUT I dont read them...so if you find your way there, I hope youll let us know, as I enjoy your writing, and humor !

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

LOL! I leave for a day or two.... :P Looks like Dan certainly found the right place, we're all rather.. erm.. unique here :)
I wish I could have gotten more winter sown, but as is, my few little jugs are gonna have to sustain me til I start seeing green from the garden's I've been planting. *grin* and I'm still not done! This yard is bigger than I thought it was!!! And now with the new gazebo,I need more stuff! cause it has shelves! That need plants! And cause the sand we had to use to keep the Oklahoma wind from blowing it away is really ugly in those sand bags, so I figure I'll put the sand in window planters and then stick separately potted flowers and plants in the top of that!

Dan, I wanted to say that I'm really enjoying your Confessions posts! You and my Cliff would get along great! You have the same sense of humor!


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

You must share pics of Kiley!!! You must! You must!!!


I'm gonna try and make these clickable links...so as to not get this thread slow opening with pics.

She is one really black doggie. She is a Chow and something mix from the (?) shelter. Her tongue is totally black/purple.
I'm wondering if she might be full Chow and really hope not. I don't want her to have that thick hot (in summer) coat like a Chow does.

Does she look full blooded or not, or can anyone tell from the age, angle, and pics? She has a curly Q tail.


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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Hmmm..well, she doesn't seem to have the thick coat and at her age/size she should... probably black lab and Chow. Given that her tongue is do solidly dark, I'd say both parents were full bloods. My ex-husband's Chow was a puffball from just 2 months old.


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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I agree with Kathy,she seems to have a lab shape to her and a chow face,I'd like to see a pic of her standing up,because what I may be mistaking for lab, could be shepard. She is a cute little thing ! Is she a good pup? Sure looks like it! :) Thanks for letting us see your baby Sue!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

yes, she is a good and sweet pup. She is the only one who comes in on a regular basis. She will often lay by the front door when the other 2 are out by the back door. I sneek her in for some one on one time, bonding.....she is so loving as she gets up as close as she can to me...asking for hugs. I tell her she is wearing her 'cute' face.
She gets little treats of a few mini mashmallows (it's funny to watch her chew those), and peanut butter and corn chips.
I then sneek her back out...that way the other 2 doggies don't feel slighted or jealous.

When I first got her, she was inside all night every night. She was very easy to house train...only a few mishaps.

She 'does' however chew on and drag everything outside. I figure that is just to be expected with a pup.

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