Two questions

blue_ivy(5 IN)March 26, 2009

Hi All,

Two newbie-type questions:

1) Compost: This may seem obvious, but I just wanted to make sure - it is fine to use deer droppings in the vegetable garden, right? And before mixing it into the soil, should I let it dry first? For how long? (This strikes me as a little weird because deer, being wild, can possibly have diseases that can be transmitted through soil to my veggies, and I would have no idea since I cannot oversee the condition of the deer, etc.)

2) "Plant Start": Sometimes people will ask for or offer "starts" or "starters" of things, and again I feel a little stupid asking, but what exactly does this mean? I guess I thought it meant small division or small rooted cutting, but apparently it can refer to a plain cutting as well? maybe even something else??

Thanks for any input!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Blue!

I guess I thought it meant small division or small rooted cutting, but apparently it can refer to a plain cutting as well? maybe even something else??
Here is how I interpret things myself, though others might interpret things differently.

A cutting is just roots.
a rooted cutting...yes you guessed it...has roots.
If a member just says cuttings, I assume they are just that...cuttings with no roots.

I consider a start to be a rooted division or small seedling like one might get in a 1 QT pot....maybe a little smaller.

A small start is something smaller than that.

I have no problems with trading for small starts as they are either going to live and thrive, or else they are going to die. I can kill off bigger plants just as easily as I can a smaller plant.

There are also rooted suckers. They are often from a shrub, and will have roots, but won't be branched in any way.

As far as the compost question, I would do a search and/or ask over on the Soil, Compost and Mulch Forum. They have a link to a great set of FAQ there too.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Did you get a chance to enjoy any of the good snows this winter?

Have you been out in the woods collecting your deer poop, or are they coming up close to the house?

Have you been walking in the woods yet this spring to see what might be emerging? I have only been in the small front yard woods so far, but see the toothwort is starting to bloom, and there are trilliums, shooting stars, bloodroot, bluebells, and different varieties of violets that have emerged so far.

Did you get the Indiana Wildflower Field Guide bought yet?


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blue_ivy(5 IN)

Hi Sue!

Thanks for the answers! And the questions!

Book - Yep, I got a wildflower guide from the library and it has already been renewed several times. (Haven't had time to sit down and compare different ones like I usually do before actually purchasing one.) But I think that being able to use one well is an acquired skill that I don't yet have! Working on it.

Exploring - Yes, I love walking around here, the woods try to entice me away from my work all the time. In fact, I can see them from my computer desk - conflict of interest! On one hand that sort of view should enable me to be more comfortable and cheery while working, but the reality is that it can be distracting! Good thing I have a tower of plants also in front of the window partially obscuring my view! : )

I have found plenty of fun little things poking up all over, and have taken photos that I keep meaning to post on the Identify-this-plant forum, but I have been busy. Soon though! I'll have to look up your list first (toothwort, trilliums, shooting stars, bloodroot, bluebells, and violets - I don't know what most of this is!) since there is a good chance we would have some overlap!

I read your recent post about Star of Bethlehem (which if I remember correctly was a pretty humorous post!), and so I have been kind of watching for it here. There is actually a great mass of some kind of thin bulb, like a miniature daffodil without flowers. I wonder if it could be S.o.B.

The deer - I have discovered that their favorite hang-out area is where my garden is going! So they had better find a new haunt - I will be evicting them soon!

I don't have a wagon yet, so the image of me hauling around deer poop around is pretty funny. No, there are little piles all around the house. I found myself thinking about where to throw them to get rid of them when I realized that people PAY for horse poop, and here this similar stuff is sitting around for free....

And finally, snow - I will never be a snow fan. I like going somewhere and skiing for a day or two, but living in snow is going to be a little rough. We had about two "good" (which means bad of course) snows. I have a photo of a huge snow clump with a nearly-invisible car underneath it somewhere. : )

I keep waiting for it to warm up but I have still been cold - wore knit cap and gloves this morning - which just seems wrong for late march - I miss the south!

I hope you are enjoying spring. Glad to hear of all the new flowers/ plants adding color to your place. Thanks for saying hi!

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